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interview with Yashar Ghahramani from Iran

interview with Yashar Ghahramani from Iran

In the interview with Yashar Ghahramani, who is known as a good cartoonist, different questions were asked. This artist was born in 1981 in Isfahan. He started his professional activity at the same time as teaching drawing, cartoons and caricatures in 2000. He rarely participates in competitions, and we may not find many of his works in cyberspace for this reason, but his ability to perform cartoons is extraordinary. He is a humble artist who has trained many students, some of whom are now working professionally. At the end of the secret conversation, visit the page of this artist, without a doubt, it will be very pleasant for you to see the works of this artist.

What was the first cartoon you worked on? Do you remember?

I was about 15 years old when I drew a cartoon criticizing urban life in which people did not cross the pedestrian bridge.

When was the first work published by you and where was it published?

This is what was published in a local newspaper.

What was your childhood dream?

Because my childhood was spent in war, it was always very important to me to lose my parents, and I was very scared of that. Therefore, I think it was my best wish.

What do you wish for now?

Even now, I wish them and my relatives good health and happiness.

Do you have no dreams in your field of work?

No. I think I got what I wanted, maybe because I'm convinced.

What was your first award?

I never won an award because I did not participate in competitions and festivals; I have only participated once or twice in two years.

What is the last thing you did?

I have been away from cartoons for some time, but some time ago I started working for a charity exhibition for the benefit of the recent flood victims. I am currently working on an animated series.

Do you work digitally or manually?

I work in both forms, but sometimes I work digitally for speed.

What tools and software do you use?

Depending on the nature of the subject, I change tools and work with different tools.

In digital, I use Corel Painter software.


Morgan Freeman

What was the best cartoon you did?

It's very difficult to make a choice in this regard, I love everything I do. If you ask a filmmaker this question, a writer can have a limited choice because of his work, but we cartoonists have a lot of work to do, and it is difficult for us to choose one of these works.

Can cartoons be taught?

Part of it can be taught which is skill. Everything that is related to nature can be taught; From execution to design.

However, in the content section, it is not possible to teach directly, because the cartoonist or cartoonist himself must have something to say. Of course, the ways to achieve creativity can be taught, but only part of it is teachable and the other part is individual. By the way, I disagree with the idea that you can not become a cartoonist without talent, because I believe that talent only paves the way to achieve the goal. I have realized this in my internship experience, which I have been doing for twenty years. I had students and most of them were half-talented, but most of them progressed because they were motivated, persevering and far-sighted.

What about a cartoon idea?

This section is about the same content as I said, and the artist makes it.

Is the idea important to you or the technique?

Their pairs are important to me, but their importance is not fifty. Often, a good idea is destroyed by improper performance, and sometimes a not so good idea can be achieved with a good performance. In general, a cartoonist It must be strong and capable both in the idea maker and in the execution. The type of execution is also determined by the subject, but the execution, whatever it is, can be strong.

How do you come up with your own ideas?

By comprehensive study. Must be studied; Not only study in the field of literature such as fiction and novels, etc., but also study in many fields such as sociology and psychology is necessary. A cartoonist must follow politics and must always look around. Idea-creating is just one way, and brainstorming has many different ways. Eventually. Sometimes, the mind is so preoccupied that the idea is constantly formed.

Did you teach cartoons or caricatures yourself?

No. But I teach! I have even published two textbooks.

What is their title?

"Caricature of the face 1 and 2" by Marlik and other "How to draw a caricature of the face" by Fakhrakia

Is caricature your main profession or do you work in other fields as well?

I am mostly involved in animation, but my source of income is mostly teaching.

How much do you normally work on an effect?

Depends on the type of card. Usually three or four days sometimes less.

What does this type of work and time depend on?

It has to do with the relationship between form and content. Sometimes content expression requires a complex and detailed form. Sometimes content requires a simple form and therefore I need a little time.


Tim Burton

Is this need for a complex or simple form related to the complexity and simplicity of the idea?

No. Incidentally, sometimes the execution of a simple content requires a complex form, and sometimes a complex content is expressed in the form of a simple form. Of course, this discussion mostly happens in cartoons.

Who do you think is the best foreign cartoonist?

From the work of the Tunisians, without a doubt, "Quino".

The best movie you've ever seen?

I have to make a list because I have read cinema. But if I have to choose a film, I choose "Pulp Fiction" or "Popular Story" by Quentin Tarantino.

Who are the best Iranian and foreign actors you want?

I like a lot of actors, but if I have to choose one; I have to say that the foreign actor is Jack Nicholson and the foreign actress is Meryl Streep. Among the Iranians, I can mention "Parsa Piruzfar" and "Fatemeh Motamed Aria".

What was the best book you read?

I have a detailed list in this regard, but I can name the book "Structure and Principles of Screenwriting" by "Robert McKay" as the most influential book of my life. I read that they were very good. Of course, in the field of novels, I have read the books: "The Delicacy of a Hedgehog" by "Morel Burberry", "Alien" by "Albercamo", "Nature of the Plain" by "Salinger" and "Narcissus and Goldmond" by "Hermann Hesse" and many I enjoyed reading them.

Which Iranian artist are you most in touch with?

I am friends with everyone, but I do not have much personal contact and extensive special relationships. I am more involved in training.

What is your opinion about Iran Cartoon site?

It's a really good thing, and in this new format, it's going back to its heyday.

Thank you very much for your time for this interview, good luck.

Interview by Irancartoon


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