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Interview with Saman Torabi, the winner of Biennial Book Cartoon

Interview with Saman Torabi, the winner of Biennial Book Cartoon

Saman Torabi is a cartoonist and caricaturist who was born in May, 1981 and graduated from Isfahan University of Arts as an MA student of restoring historical monuments. Torabi has received dozens of national and international awards from prestigious festivals, including: Aydin Dugan (Turkey), Satyricon (Poland), Norway Festival, “Water Treasure”, Book Cartoon, Third Special Award of Khorasan National Cartoon Festival with the theme of “soft war”, a special award from the first Iranian-made cartoon festival and the first prize from the 9th Turhan Seljuk International Festival of Turkey.

He is the winner of Biennial Book Cartoon, I we have had an interview with him:

Please tell us about the contest and your prize.

As you know I have got the third prize and it is one of my favorite contests due to its regular hold and the attractive topic, it is also considered one of the well-known contests for most international artists.


Torabi's award-winning cartoon in Book Cartoon Contest


One of my award-winning works is about the social networks as a dilemma and the impact of books and reading on leading children and adolescents in the face of this huge flood of useless information these networks enter into our mind.


Your work was good in terms of idea and performance, and you took an important, global crisis into consideration, tell us about it please.

Considering the use of symbols and icons of social networks and books that have paved the way for teenagers to cross, I think it is very easy for the audience to understand the subject.


In your opinion, how a good cartoon looks like in terms of idea, performance …?

In my opinion in creating cartoon, especially those that are going to be sent to festivals, the right idea and subject are more important, and a good technique can only help to send the message to the audience faster and better. Of course, the artistic aspects of the work are also very important and turn the created cartoon into a valuable one.












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