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Interview with Mohammad Saber Sheikh Rezaee

Interview with Mohammad Saber Sheikh Rezaee

Graffiti or drawings on the wall include using symbols, symptoms, signs, words, and patterns on the wall and they could be visited as public art in public places. Sometimes, they show politics and policies of a country on different subjects such as arrogance, relationship with the USA, and …. Mohammad Saber Sheikh Rezaee, the designer of the Former USA Embassy new graffiti, said that these graffiti have common points with caricature art and illustration. In this regard, we interviewed with him as you can read here:

Could you please explain more about the Former USA Embassy new graffiti?

- These graffiti have common points with Caricature, illustration, and also some arts such as calligraphy. These painting formats are often graphics and they aren’t cartoon or caricature.

What is the aim of the Former USA Embassy new graffiti?

- The purpose of it is to redesign a new picture by using the previous concepts and subjects and with anti-arrogance theme. In the last 40 years, many contents have been changed, but we still use old methods.

How do you describe the Former USA Embassy new graffiti?

- The old graffiti had old content and it isn’t accompanied by world illustration and execution. The new generation has no role in the last graffiti. Even the foreigner visitors couldn’t find any relationship between the conditions and communications of our country.

What is the relationship between the Former USA Embassy new graffiti and audiences?

- The old graffiti was for 30 - 40 years ago and it was not good. Now we need new illustration until foreign tourists feel they are designed in their country and they are modern.

I believe that the new graffiti is visited more than our garden museum.

Could the old graffiti relate to the audiences?

- The foreign tourists transferred four decades earlier picture of Iran, while we didn’t apply any of our graphic and artistic initiatives on the graffiti. Last works were slogans and text-based and they couldn’t relate to it because of language differences.

How long did it take to design new graffiti?

- It took about 3 months. They talk to the audiences and they have no word but there are some codes in our mind that we can transfer the pictorial contents to the foreigner easily. The pictures in the social media and social networks or the contents of the dollar in the public mind, help us to transfer our concepts as visual concepts by designing them in the world format. The new graffiti tries to transfer new concepts to the audiences at global level.

Source: Shabestan news agency, cultural services, interviewer: Farzane Tahja.

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