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Interview with Jitet Kustana and Shankar Pamarthy

Interview with Jitet Kustana and Shankar Pamarthy

Irancartoon: Jitet Kustana from Indonesia and Shankar Pamarthy from India are the international cartoonist and they were jury of the 2th International cartoon and caricature Trumpism competition in Iran. This contest was held with the theme of Trump and US government politics in two categories: Trump’s face and his approaches. The closing ceremony was held on Sunday, January 12 in the Holy Defense Museum. The exhibition of selected works was opened on Sunday, January 13, at Abolfazl Aali Art Gallery.

Jitet Kustana and Shankar Pamarthy dared to have striking presences in the great world festivals, for example Jitet Kustana drew Holocaust cartoon contest. Zionist boycotted all the caricaturists that they attended in this contest. Shankar Pamarthy, awarded third prize at face caricature in Holocaust cartoon contest. These international jury have striking presence in Resistance movements contest too. Isfahan cartoon house invited these international jury and artists to come Isfahan. They accepted and they held cartoon and caricature workshop there. Here you can follow our interview:

What is art’s role in India and Indonesia?

- Shankar Pamarthy: People in my country like art but they don’t know many arts such as cartoon and caricature. I do this art to show it to my people and say they can criticize political, social, economic and cultural issues through it and it is effective for society.

This art isn’t important in my country. It is new art in India but there was in other countries before. But India accept recently it as an art and it is interesting for them.

- Jitet Kustana: People in my country search for this art on the internet and they don’t know it physically. There are 500 professional artists in Indonesia.

How old are you? When did you start this art?

- Jitet Kustana: I am 53 and I have started it over 30 years.

- Shankar Pamarthy: I am 52 and when I was 8 years old, I’ve started this art and I would like to continue it.

Did you choose this art as a career?

- Jitet Kustana: I like this art very much, and I have worked already for Indonesia newspapers and now I work for myself and freely.

- Shankar Pamarthy: Cartoonist is my job. I’m a political cartoonist and I have a salary. If I want to earn more, work more.

How many times do you travel to Isfahan? And what is your idea about this city?

- Jitet Kustana: It’s my third time that I come to Isfahan. It is a very beautiful city and it has happy people. I think they have a great time and it is very good that you live in Isfahan.

- Shankar Pamarthy: It’s my first time here and I like Isfahan. Isfahan has very artistic people and I see many handicrafts here, they are very interesting and I enjoy to see them.

What is your best work?

- Shankar Pamarthy: Nelson Mandela was my best work and I enjoyed it but I am going to draw my best work in the future.

- Jitet Kustana: It’s hard for me to choose one of them, and in my point of view all my works are at the same level and all of them are good.

What is the common point of Iran, India and Indonesia art?

- Shankar Pamarthy: India and Iran have many common points. People in some Indian villages know Kalamkari and it is their career and it is important for them.

- Jitet Kustana: There are some similarity between Iranian and Indonesian arts. Some people in Indonesia has good information about drawing and oil painting. However, Iran has many artist and at all art fields, they are at the same level of other countries.

Could you please say a sentence about Isfahan?

 - Shankar Pamarthy: I’m proud of myself as an artist to visit Isfahan and I enjoy this city. As there are many historical places in Isfahan, I hope that the artists build a village in Isfahan and enjoy these arts.

- Jitet Kustana: Isfahan is a beautiful city. It attracts any person and it is unique.

- And your final word?

- Shankar Pamarthy: I’m proud of myself as an artist to visit Iran and Isfahan because we have so many common points with Iran.

- Jitet Kustana: Trump is a dangerous person, because he’s a businessman. And the businessman only think their benefit and loss. Money play an important role in their communications. So they don’t embarrassed until they lose, and they don’t pay attention to anything else until they make a profit. So Trumpism cartoon and caricature competition is fascinating.

Many great cartoonist sent their works to 2th Trumpism competition, such as Angel Buligan from Mexico. These caricatures were first assessed in terms of subject, then they were assessed in terms of idea and artistic and executive technique, but the final judgment depended on the highest scores.

I attended in many cartoon and caricature festivals and contests, but Trumpism cartoon and caricature festival was the most important. Trump is trying to build a wall around US. He created these problems for Iran, because of the future election.

The artist of 79 countries attended in this competition to show their opposition to Trump and his politics and I’m proud of myself to be the jury of this contest.

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