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Interview with Javad Alizadeh about his comic and caricature magazine

Interview with Javad Alizadeh about his comic and caricature magazine

Javad Alizadeh was born in 1943 in Ardabil-Iran and studied English translation.
He has been working on cartoon and caricature since 1970 and is the publisher of the first specialized cartoon magazine in Iran "Comic and Caricature".
Alizadeh's cartoons have been published in international magazines by the C&W syndicate and have won many national and international awards from France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Turkey, China, the United States, Ukraine, etc.
As this year the magazine is published for 31 year, Honaronline had an interview with Javad Alizadeh to talk about this:

First, tell us a little about humor and caricature magazines
The comic and caricature magazine is the oldest one in Iran. The first issue of this magazine was published in January 1990, when paper publications were used more than any time. Humor and caricature magazine started its activities a few months after "Gol Agha" magazine and it was very welcome. Before that I had published periodicals on sports, cinema, television, etc., and had many readers. When I thought about publishing the magazine, everyone said that I cannot be successful because it synchronized with the publication of "Gol Agha" magazine. I published this magazine with the support of my readers and Kiomars Saberi always supported me.


What topics did you focus on the most?

 I did everything based on my personal interest. One of the most important one is a four-dimensional satire on Einstein's theory of relativity. I also covered popular topics such as football and cinema. I never wanted to follow society, but I was looking for my own interests and I was able to attract the audience.

What was the satirical aspect of Einstein's theory?
Physics plays an important role in the world and in my opinion, it is intertwined with philosophy. I was never a good did not understand physics well, but I had a lot of curiosity and questions about physics and I was very interested in the mysterious character of Einstein. I was wondered how a scientist with a high degree of science could have such an untidy appearance. when I lost my job at Keihan newspaper had the opportunity to read about Einstein's theory, so my cartoons about this subject were based on that readings. 


Comic and Caricature Magazine is the only comic magazine in the world to have a physics column, with the famous image of Einstein bringing out his tongue. In this way, I was able to bring physics into the world of humor, and many people over those years have said that they have become interested in this science based on my cartoons. In 2005, the World Year of Physics, my designs on Einstein were published on the website of the European Physics Association, but they were never supported in Iran.


In my recent works, I have focused on quantum physics, and relativity is important to me, because we often have a one-dimensional approach to everything, an absolutist approach. These plans also had a political and social aspect, and I wanted to fight against absolutism, which is our society’s problem.

Tell us a little about yourEditorial cartoons
Editorial cartoons and caricatures are based on the news and events of the day, sports, cinema, politics, etc. For example, one of my recent works is a caricature of Joe Biden holding a mask in his hand. In the future, those who see this cartoon will realize that Biden became president during the pandemic of corona. Editorial cartoon has a limited usage time, but in this way, they can be used by future generations.

Did the magazine of comic and caricature become a platform for discovering talents in the field of caricature?
I can’t say that I wanted to recognize those who have talent, I wanted to do my favorite job. The publication of the comic and cartoon magazine was also for this reason, and I did not get involved in economic issues at all, and I just wanted to show my abilities. After that, I called for a competition in the magazine, then many talented young people participated who collaborated with the magazine for many years.

How is the magazine like now?
It is not at all comparable to the past. I can only publish two or three issues each year with no income. So, I do it gust because I am interested in it. Today, most paper publications are no longer publish regualarly.

The Ministry of Guidance sometimes gives us subsidies, but it is not enough at all. My magazine was a monthly magazine, but now it has become a periodical, and I think the Ministry of Guidance should not emphasize on order in such a day.


So far, 298 issues of comic and cartoon magazines have been published. I am going to publish the 300 issue of the magazine on paper and then maybe the magazine will be published electronically. Although paper magazine gives a different feel, we cannot do it without support. My goal was not to make a profit, so I do not advertise for the magazine, but we need more support. I have never gave up my standards that are in line with national interests.


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