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interview with Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek from Poland by irancartoon

interview with Izabela Kowalska-Wieczorek from Poland by irancartoon

Short  Biography:


I was born in 1955 in Toruń | Poland.


From 1975 to 1980, I studied at the Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts and obtained a degree in graphics. I have been illustrating books for children for years and, since 2013, I am also a cartoonist. I made personal exhibitions and participated in collective exhibitions and cartoon competitions.


 What was your first satirical cartoon?

A nice little blue bicycle” for Eurokartoenale 2013.

When did you start your professional working? 

In 1985 my first children's book "Szelmostwa Lisa Witalisa" (Jan Brzechwa) was published .

What was your first published artwork?

During my education in a secondary school ( 1970-74), I sometimes made humorous drawings for daily newspaper. 


What was your first prize?

Olense 2013 „ Clean surface water”- Prize of the city of Białogard for Summer

What was your last prize? 

Caneva Ride 2019” like Father like Son”- 2nd prize.


How do you find new ideas?

Each theme evokes many associations. I try to extract these ideas from them, which can be presented in the most universal way, using commonly known symbols. Generally the first idea is the best.

Whats your idea about Inevitable Similarities?

Thanks to the Internet, the world contracts: we see the same websites, we live in the same realities, we use the same symbols and we have similar ideas. I believe that no artist who respects himself consciously uses the ideas of other artists. No one is able to reach all the cartoons, or predict what they will propose to other artists on a given subject.

What do you think about plagiarism?

I do not understand conscious plagiarists. When their action comes to light, there will be more shame than benefits.

Do you think who is the best Iranian Cartoonist?

There are so many prominent Iranian cartoonists that I can not decide who is the best.

Who is the best Cartoonist in your country?

Here too, I have a dilemma, because the list of favorites is too long.

Do you think who is the best foreign cartoonist?

Master Otto Reisinger from Croatia.

I love his sense of humor and the way he draws. Thanks to his cartoons, I decided to become a cartoonist.

What's the best cartoon that you've ever seen? If possible send it to us.

"The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters"Francisco Goya, a great painter and visionary of the eighteenth-century, whom I consider the forerunner of satirical drawing of the present times.

How much time do you pay for creating an artwork?

Differently, when I have a polished idea, creation takes me from 2 to 4 days.

What are your tools and technique for creating artwork?

Acrylic paints, black inks, brushes, and fineliners.

I use traditional technique - manual drawing and painting on paper.

Which software do you use?

I do not use . The computer only serves to scan and send cartoons.

What's your recommendation to your colleagues?

Even in difficult times, let's not give up and support together. How would be a poor and sad world without satirical drawings and cartoons!

What do you think about cartoon situation in the world?

For cartoons it is perfect: thanks to the Internet, they travel the virtual world. As the most accessible and communicative means of expression, they live their own lives, often anonymously, circulating uncontrollably on websites. Unless they are censored.

The cartoonist stays to enjoy his growing popularity and wait patiently for the results, counting on the integrity of those who use his work.

In total, it is not bad.

Did you ever had problems with your cartoons?

Fortunately not. 

What was your best cartoon?

I attach to everyone, but I can not say which is the best. Ask the experts.

-Have you ever been jury member in any Cartoon Contest?

No. They offered me several times, but I had to refuse for several reasons. Also, in my opinion, I lack the knowledge and experience that would allow me to honestly evaluate others.

Have you ever worked in cooperation with another artist?

No, I've never had such proposals.

What's your idea about Irancartoon website?

Excellent ! I often use this website because everything that the cartoonist is interested in can be found there.

Thanks a lot for your kind attention!

If you were born again what did you choose as your career?

As I remember, I always wanted to draw and paint. I can not imagine in another profession.

Do you think whats the boarder between Cartoon and Caricature?

I think there are no boarder, because creativity has no limits. It is better when cartoons and caricature intermingle. I admire those who can combine a good caricature with an interesting satirical drawing.


What and when was your last exhibition?

2016- „ Fairy tales and Legends”- personal exhibition of my illustrations and satirical drawings in  Dom Muz , Toruń (Poland)

What's your description about cartoon?

This is a subject that after the transformation in the mind the cartoonist becomes a creative idea forced into a tight frame of the paper.

Do you think an artist can have enough money by creating cartoon and caricature?

 I think it's possible. If a cartoonist is talented, hard-working, has a lot of self-denial and a flair for business, and for this he is fortunate, it is the hope that he will not starve.

Who's your favorite artist except in cartoon world?

Hieronymus Bosch, Francisco Goya, Olga Boznańska, Jan Marcin Szancerand many other...

What was the last book you've read?

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - "Twelve Pilgrim Stories"

Do you think humor can be learned?

I'm afraid not. Person is born with a sense of humor or not.

People without a sense of humor do not realize their disability, so they are unreformable.

What's your idea about Black Humor?

Black Humor in satirical drawings, on the screen or horror novels, is the best means to relieve emotions - it allows you to forget about your own, little significant problems against the accumulated enormity of evil.

Who is the best artist in Black Humor?

Cartoonist, master of fantastic black humor- Charles Addams.

and  master of thrillers - Alfred Hitchcock

Many thanks dear Izabela for your interview,best wishes

This interview will be used in both English and Persian websites and also in Iran Cartoon Magazine.

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