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Interview With Edoardo Baptistao | Brazil

Interview With Edoardo Baptistao | Brazil

Your biography in 3 lines

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in 1966. I've been drawing since forever, but professionally since 1985. I've been working for 24 years to O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper, for 20 years to Carta Capital magazine and for 11 years to Veja magazine.


What was your first satirical cartoon?

Sorry, I don't remember.


When did you start your professional working?

My first illustration was published in a newspaper in 1985.


What was your first published artwork?

An illustration of Fidel Castro and Cuba's flag.


What was your first prize?

A school drawing contest in 1973, when I was 7 years old.

Professionally, the International Humor Exhibition of Piracicaba, Brazil, in 1993.


What was your last prize?

Fadjr International Cartoon & Caricature Contest, Iran, 2011.

How do you find new ideas?

Everithing can be material for new ideas.


Whats your idea about Inevitable Similarities?

Precisely that they are inevitable. Certain ideas are in the air, more than one person can grab at the same time.


What do you think about plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the deliberate and improper use of the idea of someone else, and therefore reprehensible.


Do you think who is the best Iranian Cartoonist?

It's hard to choose, but as my area is caricature, I cite the impressive work of Shiva Zamanfar.


Who is the best Cartoonist in your country?

Also hard to choose, but I believe the most complete is Dálcio Machado.

Do you think who is the best foreign cartoonist?

I like the work of Steve Brodner and Sebastian Kruger, among many others.

What's the best cartoon that you've ever seen? If possible send it to us.

It's impossible to choose just one.


How much time do you pay for creating an artwork?

Depending on the work, I can spend an hour, three days or even longer.


What are your tools and technique for creating artwork?

My artworks always arise with pencil and paper. In finishing I can use ink, colored pencils or digital technique.

Which software do you use?

Adobe Photoshop.


What's your recommendation to your colleagues?

To my colleagues beginners I recommend a lot of observation, practice and dedication.


What do you think about cartoon situation in the world?

The cartoon has and always will have a strenght and a very big impact, but his space in the press diminishes every day, at least in Brazil.


Did you ever had problems with your caricatures?

Let's say I don't have exciting stories to tell.


What was your best caricature?

 I consider my most important caricatures Roberto Benigni (awarded in Iran) and Pope Bento XVI (awarded in Portugal).


Have you ever created an immediate caricature?



Have you ever been jury member in any Cartoon Contest?

I was jury member several times in Brazil and tree times in Iran.


What about Caricature?

That's what I like most to do.

Have you ever worked in cooperation with another artist?

Yes, but it's very rare.


What's your idea about Irancartoon website?

One of the biggest and best portals of cartoon and caricature of the world.


If you were born again what did you choose as your career?

I think I would be a musician and composer.


Do you think whats the boarder between Cartoon and Caricature?

Two different skills. There are professionals that travel well between the two modes. Unfortunately, it is not my case.


What and when was your last exhibition?

My last exhibition was in partnership with two colleagues, during the World Cup 2014, in Sao Paulo.


 Do you think an artist can have enough money by creating cartoon and caricature?

So far I would say yes, but is increasingly difficult. I don't know what I will say in five years.


 What's your description about cartoon?

Cartton is a specific type of graphic humor, and also the word that includes all drawing modes of humor.


Who's your favorite artist except in cartoon world?

Norman Rockwell.


What was the last book you've read?

A Hard Day's Write: The Stories Behind Every Beatles Songs – Steve Turner.


Do you think humor can be learned?

I don't know if it can be learned, i'd say it can be improved.


What's your idea about Black Humor?

It's a very funny way of humor.


Who is the best artist in Black Humor?

French cartoonists are especially good at it.


What was your last performed Caricature?

The last caricature I did was a Brazilian politician.

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