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Interview with Bahram Arjmandnia for his Coronavirus cartoons

Interview with Bahram Arjmandnia for his Coronavirus cartoons

Coronavirus emerged at the start of 2020 as a global health crisis and the world was shocked because of it and everyone is still confused by it. Nobody knows what happen in future. All the equations are disrupted in the world. We never think that the simplest and the routine things like shake hands with a friend, using bus or going to a restaurant become a dream come true. No one thought several month ago, we were deprived them. We didn’t appreciate everything in our life. I don’t want to speak a lot, so it’s better to talk about your questions.

It is the introduction of Bahram Arjmandnia at the first of our conversation. He was born in Tehran, in 1965. He graduated in painting from Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran.

He said: I was born in an artistic family and my father was an artist. When I graduated in painting from Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran, I started my professional work. I worked in painting, animation, cartoon, caricature and illustration too and I teach some of them.

By starting Coronavirus global crisis, this artist like his cooperators created some cartoons on the subject of Corona that they reflect his particular view of this subject. Thanks of them, we talked to him as you read here:

The global coronavirus pandemic and its widespread consequences has affected on the minds of most cartoonists. Many great works were created like your works. What is your opinion about the approaches and contents related to this subject?

- I check out the page of “we defeat corona” competition every day and I expected a suitable situation to send my works as much as I can for this contest. I thought to many subjects and I sketches many of them. But when I decided to executed some of them, I saw other cartoonists drew them with a little difference in the competition website. As if, many people in the world have similar concern.

As I heard world news that everything become worse, I saw the sacrifices medical staffs and the emphasize “Stay at home”. The competitions ended and I didn’t do anything. Extension of contest time helped me to sent some cartoon to the competition and my concern was on “stay at home” subject. Because all of us experience it in this time. At last I could do my best as a cartoonist.

Your works have great form, technique, and space creation they include more serious concern in terms of the content and you provided distinct images that they are based on idea and situation. What is your analysis and opinion about this in your works?

- The important thing in my work was not executing format, because I change my technique in terms of subject and I use more suitable style and technique to exhibit my work better. I didn’t believe to maintain a form and execution in my works.

I try to exhibit more hope, courage, solidarity, empathy, warning and success of human and failure of this disease. This is a very serious subject for me and humor was felt as a main component of my works.

As corona spread in Iran, the International Cartoon and Caricature “we defeat corona” competition was organized by secretary of Seyed Masoud Shojaee Tabatabaee. Many works were sent to this competition from many countries. You have sent some works too. Would you please tell us about your works?

- I don’t know anyone better than Seyed Masoud Shojaee Tabatabaee for “we defeat corona” competition who could organize such a great and important contest. Many participants attended in this competition not only because of corona concern and their caricature’s mission, but also because the validity of a contest depends on its organizer. This has been proven through the years.

My works were as a small part of thousands works that were sent to this competition thanks to Mr.Shojaee validation. I hope I could exhibit my feeling about this global issue in my works.

How can cartoon and caricature help to fight against this virus crisis? How can it decrease its pains and bitterness and how can it be warning or informing?

- I’m sure that cartoon is the most suitable and effective way against this global problem. Everyone is affected by seeing these works. In some works, we can see points that we don’t pay much attention to them.

Do you have any comment?

I offer that organizer group increase the prizes and certifications. It can help the validity of this competition and the jury can decide better. I’m sure that judging of these works are not simple, because they have great quality.

Thank you for spending time with us.



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