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Interview with Amin Faramarzian/ Designing is part of me.

Interview with Amin Faramarzian/ Designing is part of me.

Visual arts, specially illustrating which has different attitudes, are linked into digital tools and it is unable to connect with audiences without it incredibly. We can’t imagine the world without art.

This interview is got from RoozRang website. It is an interview with one of Iranian designer that has migrated from Iran several years ago to achieve new experiences. Now he lives in Netherlands. Amin Faramarzian was born in Ahwaz in 1983.

He graduated in graphic design and he was a dismissal student of F Art Academy. Designing is part of him and he uses every chance for exercising and creating new idea.

He scratches strong lines and creating lovely and identified characters eagerly.

You can read the following interview here:            

Please say about yourself. How was your childhood like?

- I was born in Ahwaz. I played with my sister and brothers and it was very enjoyable. I also remember the war, bomb sound and warning alarms and after that we migrate to Tehran.

How did you start this career?

- I sat in a corner at school and I only designed and painted.

How did you become an illustrator?

- I think I was interested when I saw Keyhan Caricature eagerly. Then I enjoy my friends’ designing like Soheil Danesh Eshraghi, of course he was in high level. I was effected by the designs and Mang that my friend Ehsan Taheri brought with himself from Japan. My brother had a book named Illustrator that it included artists’ works such as Carter Goodrich. It had a lot of influence on me too.

What do you propose for developing the personal style?

- I think you should be honest with yourself and whatever you want to do. You should consider it is hard and especially when it is your job and you have to earn from it.

I believe everyone has a style, because a style is compound of the person’s interest such as movie, illustration, poem, view of life and …, but you should decide to try and work hard until show your potentials clearly. In fact, you yourself choose your way.

What does distinct the bad and good illustration?

- In my point of view, we don’t have bad illustration, but it can be successful or unsuccessful or just for touting. It can show the level of visual or technical science of an artist. But I think an illustration is valuable when it can tell the story or highlight successfully and it evolves the mind of the viewer.

Do you see yourself as a successful person?

- I really don’t know. Not now. But I try. However, I know some successful person such as Mike Mignola, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, and Frank Frazetta that they are idol in illustration and they have gave illustration a higher position in terms of storytelling and technically. Also I like Enrique Fernandez and Cyril Pedrosa works because their works tell a story and they are from European countries and we have many famous artist too.

Where do you get motivations from?

- I get them from different sources and everywhere I can. Sometimes I get them from my projects, or from people who I see, my life, nature, works, and many other things.

Why did you migrate?

- I haven’t gone from Iran completely and sometimes I go to Iran. I migrated for finding an appropriate job about 10 - 12 years ago.

What are the differences between Iran and abroad work space?

- If I want to say simply, there are two things: one is career and companies space and the other is personal work space. In Iran, personal workspace is better because an artist doesn’t need to think about visa, money and others like this. However so many people have money problems these days in Iran. But as career space, developed countries have better space in terms of job market, disciplines, and salaries.

How do you contact with your customers or other artists?

- I contact them by different ways. Artists in different level are my good friends and I love them.

I’ve had both good and bad customers, but I always try our relationships are based on trust and honesty.

What is the most important thing you’ve ever learned?

- Being honest with myself and others.

What are your designing habits and styles?

- Designing is part of me, It’s in my blood. I don’t know how explain it to you. I always scratch and design. I think new ideas while on a walk. Designing is both my sanctuary and style of life. I design on everything such as a paper, my phone, handkerchief and other things and I justify myself that day.

Do you use digital technology in illustrating?

- Yes.

Do you have any dream destination in Netherlands?

- I think there is no dream destination in the world. It is better to change it with dream moments and it is a moment I can just sit and do whatever I like. It’s no difference where and in what position you are. I think as long as you are on the right track, everything goes right too.

What is your last project?

- I work on it now but I can’t talk about it. But before it, I worked on stormbound game. It’s a mobile game, and I think it is a good game and it gets good results. I did it for Paladin Studio and now I work there too.

Do you have any comment?

- I would like to say that we should try to be a good person and we learn new things every day. Little things make big things happen. And at last, take the life easy.




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