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Interview with Alireza Karimi Moghadam

Interview with Alireza Karimi Moghadam

He is a cartoonist, illustrator and painter, and he has focused on Vincent van Gogh in his artworks created in last two years. He puts van Gogh in different situation and tells us what he has in his mind; his works are beautiful and admirable. He is also an illustrator. Sunflower field is one of the backgrounds one can see in Karimi's works. The use of crescent, sea, rain, mountains, plains and snow are inspired by Van Gogh's technique too, Karimi has made excellent artworks that have received several awards in different festivals.

here is our interview:

-          What made you to choose Van Gogh as the central character for a series of works?

-          There is no specific reason, I just like him.

-          Excepting your interest, for what artistic reason did you choose this artist as the central character?

-          I believe Van Gogh is a symbol of a kind of thinking and a way of life, apart from the art and the analysis of his works, and I emphasize on it. In his short life, he reminds me hope and perseverance, one who loves his goal in his life and was faithful to it till his death moment. One who lived in absolute poverty and was appreciated after death.

-          Which one of your works is more inspired by Van Gogh, illustration or cartoon?

-          I am a cartoonist, and I have tried to make all of my works have a hint of humor and critic. But in the case of the Van Gogh project, I often entered the field of illustration and the humor in my works faded out.

- How much are you inspired by Van Gogh's artworks?

- The main basis of my work is definitely Van Gogh's style, but I do my best to use my own style and also remain faithful to Van Gogh's style of painting, lighting and composition. In addition, the stories I narrate are based on studies of Van Gogh's letters and life story with a bit of fantasy flavor.

-          Do you want to continue using this theme?

Yes. It is a challenge for me. I think I can continue. 

-          Have you created artworks with other themes?

-          Yes. I have been painting since 1992, but I posted my works with Van Gogh theme in Instagram.

-          How was the feedbacks of foreign artists and owner of galleries?


-          That was very good and surprised me, but in Iran, that was not good unfortunately. I received more feedbacks from artists of the United States, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands, Turkey and France, and there have been good offers for exhibitions. However, due to the COVID-19, it is not possible to hold an exhibition. I hope to receive such a feedback from my fellow Iranian.

-          I think you also received an award in the Netherlands for your works?

-          Not in the Netherlands, but at several international cartoon festivals in 2020, my work on the theme of Van Gogh won awards.

-          Do you want to add more sentences?

-          I hope to have opportunity to hold exhibition in Iran, thanks to Irancartoon and Iranian House of Cartoon.



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