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An interview with Ali Ahanghar

An interview with Ali Ahanghar

What was your first caricature?

I was in elementary school; it was a caricature of Shah on a wall magazine.


When did you begin your professional job?

I began my job by working for local magazine in Kashan province in 2007.



What was the theme of the first caricature you created?

Marlon Brando


And the first prize?

Several books and magazines, I received them from a cartoon contest called in a magazine run by Master Alizadeh.


 And the last one?

I have got an honorable mention from “Palestine is not alone” contest.


How do you come to an idea?

Whoever I see and seems good to me I sketch their caricatures. Maybe I would never complete them, but keep them.


 What do you think about the inevitable similarities between artworks?

I believe that new technologies help determine the originality of works, and with such an acute means no one wants to lose his or her reputation. I ask the authorities to launch a video assistance system at festivals as soon as possible.


And about plagiarism?

It happened in the past, cause rarely one knew the owner of an artwork.


Who do you think is the best Iranian cartoonist?

I definitely know who I am, but let me tell you

Who is the best Iranian caricaturist?

Let me not to answer it.

the best foreign one?

Mr. Sebastian Krueger




 What is the best caricature you have ever seen?

 A work by the late Kozobokin, in which a poor man holds a hat to beg and far from him you see people who threw their hats in the air, and someone tries to throw the poor man’s hat into the air.


How much do you spend to create a work?

I should see a doctor to find out how much heath I have spent on art.

Which tools and techniques do you use?

Digital pen or the light pen

Which software do you use?


What is your advice to colleagues?

I am too young to advise them. I suggest them to get together and launch an association.


What do you think about caricature in the world?

In 2013, I wrote my thesis entitled “The Death of Cartoon in US Press”, and I concluded that, given the speed of technology, cartoons will probably turn into nostalgia in the next 10 years in underdeveloped countries. A year later, this happened to Iranian cartoonists, even it did not take the 10 years I predicted. Cartoon is now mostly interdisciplinary.


Have you ever got into a problem with your cartoons?

Yes. When I was younger than now, I created cartoons of several athletes and Olympic champions for the cover of a magazine, which I later found out I did not choose a good media to publish my work.

What was your best work?

As Mr. Khiabani always says (a catchword use by a TV reporter in Iran), the one that I have not created yet.


Have you ever created a caricature in a short time?

If you mean less than an hour, my answer is no, I have worked on some caricatures that took one to two hours.

If you were born again, what job would you choose?


When and where was your last exhibition?

In Mashhad province, 2013.  

Who is your favorite artist?

Sohrab Sepehri (a poet)

What was the last book you read?

Mashala Khan in the court of Harun Al-Rasheed by Mr. Iraj Pezeshkzad

Do you think humor is learnable?

Certainly. But you must have inner talent.

What was your last cartoon?

The caricature of our dearest master “Kambiz Derambakhsh”






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