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Exhibition for Master Ziraldo by 85 Talent Caricaturists

Exhibition for Master Ziraldo by 85 Talent Caricaturists


The launching cocktail will be on September 16th

 and the show will be on display until October 31st 

 When Ziraldo celebrated his 85th birthday in October 2017, cartoonist Edra decided to surprise his friend by gathering 85 caricaturists to honor his master.

 Published by Editora Melhoramentos, Ao Mestre com Carinho brings together, in its 192 pages, a record illustrated by caricatures of talented cartoonists, handpicked, interspersed with pages that reveal facts about the life and work of the multifaceted Ziraldo. Almost two years later, with great success and recognition, the work has just won, in the tribute category, the 31st HQMIX Trophy, the most important prize of its kind in Latin America and turned into an exhibition at Casa Melhoramentos.

 The opening cocktail of the show will be on September 16, at 19h, at Casa Melhoramentos. Edra and several cartoonists will welcome the public and autograph the books. The exhibition is open until October 31, Monday to Friday from 09h to 18h, free admission. Organizing these caricatures in a book was just part of Edra's brilliant idea, which, in addition to being a cartoonist, is also the founder of the Caratinga Humor Salon and the Ziraldo Culture House, both in Caratinga (MG), their hometown. . The second part of this remarkable work was to bring a biography with data, dates, photos, drawings and particulars of the life and work of Ziraldo, who loved the work and opened his archives to complement the work. The result was a tribute book that was also attended by the brothers of Ziraldo, Zélio and Geraldinho,

 The invited cartoonists of this work expressed admiration and affection for the master Ziraldo, presenting drawings of the most varied styles and techniques, among them the special participation of Mauricio de Sousa.

Veja abaixo lista completa: Cartunistas participantes: Abel Costa, Afonso Carlos, Alan Souto Maior, Alecrim, Alisson Afonso, Alpino, Amarildo, Amorim, André Barroso, André Camargo, Ariel, Aroeira, Baptistão, Bira Dantas, Biratan, Brito, Camaleão, Camilo Riani, Cerino, Chico Caruso, Cláudia Kfouri, Cláudio Aleixo, Cláudio Duarte, Cláudio Teixeira, Dálcio Machado, Edra, Enderson Santos, Erthal, Evandro Rocha, Fábio Coutinho, Fernandes, Ferreth, Fraga, Genin, Gervásio, Glen Batoca, Guedes, Hippertt, Humberto Pessoa, Ique, Ivo Favero, Izânio, J.Bosco, J.Fontinele, Jack, Jal, Jindelt, João Bento, Jorge Braga, Jorge Inácio, Leite, Lézio Jr., Liberati, Lucas Leibholz, Manga, Mário Alberto, Maurício de Sousa, Mauro Miranda, Mello, Mig, Miller Almeida, Moisés, Mônica Fuchshuber, de Mônico Reis, Nei Lima, Paulo Branco, Paulo Caruso, Quinho, Rice, Rossi, Rui Miranda, Santiagu, Sérgio Gomes, Seri, Sid, Simch, Stegun, Suélen Becker, Thiago Lucas, Toscano, Turcios, Ulisses, Veronezi, Willian Medeiros e Xavier.

Exhibition Service: Home Improvements

From September 17 to October 31

 Address: 479 Tito Street - Vila Romana - Sao Paulo - SP.

Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm

Free entrance.

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