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when the wisdom falls asleep, Esmail Abbasi

10.0when the wisdom falls asleep, Esmail Abbasi
when the wisdom falls asleep, Esmail Abbasi Overall Rating: 10.0

Francisco Goya (1746-1828), an eminent Spanish romantic painter, in addition to the valuable works he has created in the field of painting, is also one of the pioneer in visual humor or caricature field.

His unlimited mind and inner storm of passion prompted him to make an intelligent endeavor.

This thoughtful artist whose life was abounded with adversities, each time struggled to regain his energy and continue criticizing the time bravely.

After the shocking paintings known as the tragedies of war, he showed the cruelty of Napoleon's army in suppressing the epic resistance of the people of Madrid.

Using a scalpel of caricature, he revealed the  corruption and superstitions hidden under the false sanctity.
It seems that he did not stop writing while traveling and attending along with design. In a short description for one of his works, He was adroit, and explained one of his work as "when the wisdom falls asleep, the monsters wake up".
The role of artists such as Goya / Doumie and Philippines - French cartoonists - in making people aware of what happened in their society is not less than that of the philosophers of this continent.

written by Esmail Abbasi


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