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Analysis of the Whip cartoon by Ogoz Demir From Turkey

9.2Analysis of the Whip cartoon by Ogoz Demir From Turkey
Analysis of the Whip cartoon by Ogoz Demir From Turkey Overall Rating: 9.2

Analysis of the Whip cartoon by Ogoz Demir From Turkey

Ogoz Demir  Turkey is a cartoonist from Turkey. He works so rarely, but his works wonder everyone.

Whip cartoon got the second place at the Resistance Cartoon Festival and it has all components of a good work. A human character who wore a chain in around his foot and the wheals, shows that he has a strong background to change to an angry panther gradually and logically and he wants to revenge himself on the whip person.(In ideation discussion in Cartoon, it’s called a gradual change from one form to another.)

Here, the colors symbolically has a good and an effective visual expression, they changed from gray to red or from neutral and domestic to angry and turbulent!

I believed that if this work has attended in every contest, it could have achieved high degrees in the following four sections.

What’s your idea? Do you agree with the given points in this analysis?

We have concluded in this section of Iran Cartoon site that we are interested in studying foreign and domestic cartoonist. We look forward to your ideas in these analyses. It’s enough to go to the contact us at the bottom of this page.

Masoud Shojaee Tabatabaee

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