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Roberrto Innocenti, an Italian prominent Illustrator

Roberrto Innocenti, an Italian prominent Illustrator

Roberrto Innocenti was born in Italy, in 1940. He was a self-taught and he has worked in advertising field, graphic and animation designing. In 1979, he illustrated and published his first book.

In 1985-1987, he worked for Time Life magazine on the series of illustrated books The Enchanted world. Between 1988 and 1996, some of his masterpieces were published by an American publisher and then later they were republished in Italy.

They included The adventures of Pinocchio (1991), A Christmas Carol (1990), Nutcracker (1996), The Last Resort (2002) and Erika’s Story (2003).

Innocenti has received numerous world awards including: Golden apple of Bratislava (BIB) for “Rose Waisse” in 1985, the prize of Bratislava youth selection for The adventures of Pinocchio in 1991, “Gustv Heinmann” Peace award for “Rose Waisse” in 1985, Certificated of Excellence awarded by the “New York Times” for the best illustrated book of the year “The Last Resort”, Hans Christian Anderson Prize in 2008 and many other prizes.


In all his works, we can find his interest in history, his consideration to the details, architect and perspective very much.


“The adventures of Pinocchio” were published in Iran by Ofogh publication, Islamic culture publication and Cheke publication. “A Christmas Carol” were published by Cheke publication.

You can see his talking about publishing Pinocchio book in Iran by Ofogh publication.


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