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Interview with Rahim Bagal Asghari / Cartoonist Tip

Interview with Rahim Bagal Asghari / Cartoonist Tip

Rahim Baghal Asghari was born in 15 September 1974 in Tabriz. He is a cartoonist, illustrator, writer, psychology speaker, and caricaturist. He finished his elementary school at Momtaz and Almahdi School, but he couldn’t continue his educating because of deterioration. He was under training Ibrahim Moghbeli at age 10 in Mirak vocational school because his father worked there.

In 1990, at age 16, he started working in Jawalduz magazine as a caricaturist. In 2001, he established Tabriz caricature association and Arsoy art institution. In 2003, he became the director of Iran caricature Federation. In 2016, he awarded the first order of art and he was the judge of more than 70 internationali cartoon and caricature festival.

Rahim Baghal Asghari, awarded more than 70 prizes of domestic and foreign festivals. He is known as one of the great cartoonists in the world by Latin American Ministry of culture. He also awarded the first prize of Italy Amoristica and he is considered of Bulgaria cartoon federation. He published 38 books, 30 caricature albums, teaching in Anatuly University of turkey. He was Turkey cartoonist association culture ambassador in Iran.

Rahim baghal Asghari is a humorous artist and his works are full of humor and amphibology points. You can see simplicity, social engagement, and discrimination in his art and there is a social criticism approach and challenge in his works. Here we have talked to him.


How did you become a cartoonist?

- In 1990, I bought Jowaldouz magazine that it was published in Tabriz. I found, there wasn’t any update cartoon in it. So, I tried to draw modern cartoons and they paid attention to my works hence I continued it.

Do you remember your first work? Where did it publish?

-  I drew some caricature at age 10, I maintained them. My first work was published in Jowalduz magazine at age 16. It motivated me to continue.

 What was your dream in childhood?

- I wished my father and mother were healthy, my little brother didn’t cry continuously, my classmate didn’t annoy me, my homework notebook didn’t finish, our little T.V was repaired and some worries like this.

 Now, what do you wish for?

- Our people become happy and laughing.

What was your first prize?

- I awarded at school but I won my first prize at the Satanic Verses competition.


What was your last prize?

- An appreciation of Chinese festival.

 What’s your last work?

-  A work about Santa Claus.

 Do you work digitally or manually?

- Manually.

What tool and application, do you use?

-  All manual tools.

 What is the main element that you emphasize in creating your works?

- Theme is very important to me, and whether it matches my thoughts or not.


How important to you to relate to your audiences aside from the art values? The art don’t benefit people, has no worth. The food can’t eat it so you should throw it away however it is beautiful. Which is more important to you lasting an art or attracting more audiences?

- I don’t create a work for museum and effectiveness is more important to me. My work should be able to affect people or authorities decisions.

 Is it possible to teach the caricature and cartoon?

- I have started teaching caricature about 30 years ago, that time I was ridiculed, but now some people who laughed at me, teach caricature. I think we can teach cartoon and caricature technique but growing the obligation, ingenuity, and emotion needs other factors.

 What about cartoon or caricature idea?

- We need to learn how to find an idea but we should have something to offer.

 Which is the most important to you Technique or idea?

- The idea

 How ideas are formed in your mind?

- When something makes I feel upset, the subject is formed in my mind.


How do you select a technique after you create an idea?

- I work free style and I create a work by any technique. I think it is not good but others know it as an advantage.

 Have you been taught cartoon or caricature?

- No, I haven’t.

 What is the main feature of your works in terms of form, execution, and content?

- It is better to have more local and original view.

 How long do you usually work on a caricature?

- It is usually about half an hour. Rarely it lasted some hours.



Is the simplicity or complexity of the form, related to the complexity or simplicity of the idea too?

- Sometimes simplest execution carry out the most complex subject. 

 How effective are the awards and participating in domestic and foreign festivals, in developing your works?

- It can make motivation but it isn’t determining.


Apart from form, execution, and technique, what can you do with cartoon, caricature and animation and which approach do you have for their subjects?

- My recent works were only for people I would like to work on update themes.


In your opinion, how much a work should rely on form and idea, and content? What is the relationship between the form and content in a cartoon in terms of companionship?

- If a forms isn’t complete enough, then we couldn’t transmit our idea effectively. So we must be so dominant that the idea can be easily transmitted.


Who is the best foreign caricaturist in your opinion?

- Sampe and Quino are still the best.


Who is the best domestic caricaturist?

- Kambiz Derambakhsh, Bozorgmehr Hoseinpour, Masoud Shojaee Tabatabee, and many other artists.

 What is the best movie have you ever seen?

- Omar Mokhtar, Broken ship and Spring summer fall winter

 Who is the best Iranian and foreign actor in your opinion?

- Navid Mohammadzade and Leonardo Dicaprio

 What is the best book have you ever read?

- Good earth

 Which Iranian artist do you most in contact with?

- Sadegh Bagheri


What is your opinion about Iran cartoon website?

- It’s a very good and effective website.

 Do you have any comment?

- I wish a good day for all people who read this interview.


Thank you for spending time with Iran cartoon website.

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