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Interview with Mahboubeh Pakdel about her latest awards

Interview with Mahboubeh Pakdel about her latest awards

Pakdel is a cartoonist, caricaturist who was born in Mashhad city of Iran, she has BA in software, and began her work as an artist in 2011.

She received a lot of awards in national and international contests including: special award of TURHAN SELÇUK Cartoon Contest-Turkey 2013, first prize of cartoon contests “ISIS” -2015, the winner of  the 4th “Naji Al Ali” contest of Jordan, two Grand Prix and special award at the 18th PortoCartoon World Festival of Portugal April- 2016, first prize of the 4th World Resistance Art Festival -2016, the third prize of the 20th World PortoCartoon Festival Portugal -2018, the Special Prize of the Don Quixote International Festival in Germany-2018, the Special Prize of 4th Portugal PortoCartoon World Festival -2019, the Golden Award of the RED MAN International Cartoon Competition China -2019, special prize of the 29th International Cartoon Competition of Romania -2019, special prize of the 26th Ricardo Randon International Cartoon Festival Colombia 2019, selected artist of the Porto Cartoon Festival of Portugal -2020 and the award of the 14th International Cartoon Exhibition of the Portuguese with the theme of “School”.


She has recently won two prize from the Porto Cartoon Festival and the third prize of ninth international cartoon festival of “De Geus”, Belgium, 2021. Here is our interview with her:



Please tell us about the two prizes you have received from Porto Cartoon Festival, what was their theme?

The theme was “health” and I won two prizes in a section for free theme.


It has been several years that you have won prizes from this contest, we know you deserve it, but for what reason do you think they select your works?

I prefer the audiences and you answer this question.


Please tell us about the third prize of Belgium contest too?

The theme was ‘Colonization and decolonization’, five cartoonists were selected that I was the third one.


Pakdel's cartoon that received the third prize of “De Geus” contest, Belgium, 2021



Pakdel's cartoon that received the prize from “De Geus” contest, Belgium, 2021

You have been invited to Spanish Cartoon Festival, could you please talk about it?

Last week I have received an email from Mr. Jose Luis Riva, who invited me to take part in the 3rd FRANCISCO DE QUEVEDO Festival as a jury member. As Iran is a second country in terms of the number of cartoonists participating in the contest, they decided to invite an Iranian cartoonist for the jury board, and also they wanted to have an equal number of men and women as members, so they invited me. It seems that Mrs. Nani Mosquera recommended me to them. The process of selecting the best artworks will take place in 2022.


What else do you do these days?

I have created works with free theme during the lockdown.


The beneath is some of her works:








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