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Interview with Amir Hossein Salehi, The manager of Animation House

Interview with Amir Hossein Salehi, The manager of Animation House

The manager of Animation House announced about the investment of animation house and Owj Arts and Media Organization to develop animation makers.

According to Iran Cartoon Website taken from Cinema Press, making animation has been started in the world for a couple of decades. Their quality has improved considerably every year, so the audiences’ tastes has changed too and they have higher expectations.

Animations were made seriously in Iran in recent years, so the quality of works are improved in cinema and T.V. Now, Iran produces animation on his own and other countries too.

The Animation House is the most important center for animation making in Iran. It has produced not only various works such as “The Holy Cast” full animation, “Hosna” animation series and several important animations but it also has started a new ideology which resulted creating animation in the world standards.

For a while, The Animation House with youth growth club of Owj Arts and Media Organization try to find and empower the talented artists in different provinces. So far, it has done a lot of activities in this field.

Amir Hossein Salehi, was appointed as the manager of Animation House recently. He talked about empowering the animation makers in different provinces, and you can read it here:

Why Animation House decided to empower the animation makers in our provinces?

- Our youth people in different provinces have good talent. Some talented people weren’t found and used their abilities. The animation house was always concerns about it. Now, we could do this with youth growth club of Owj Arts and Media Organization cooperation.

Which provinces have been studied so far? What plan has been done for this?

- The animation makers’ empowerment course have been started since 2018. We have studied Tabriz, Ardebil, Zanjan, Urumieh, Sanandaj, Hamedan, KermanShah, Kerman, Boushehr and some other cities. At first, we identified the active animation groups, unfortunately many of them were small and weak over the years. We tried to reinforce these groups by operational educations and improve their works quality.

What are the effects of empowering course?

-  Our goal is to improve the works quality and reinforce the provinces’ animation makers business. It has positive effect on Iran’s animation and we can appear in world market. So, we can develop in this field effectively.

New groups gathered from different provinces. For example, some animation makers gather in science and Technology Park and they could create an animation center. You can hear about these activities in other provinces soon.

We used successful animation maker in empowering courses in their provinces and they educate young animation makers. It has two conclusions: in the first conclusion, the animation makers use the experiences of the professionals and second, these successful professionals motivate their townsmen and it causes improving the professional specialists too.

Does these animation maker groups work independently?

- These groups can make animation independently and we try to familiar these province groups together until they can interact with each other. Because some provinces are better technically and some are better artistically. So they can produce greater and high quality works.

 You have interacted with young animation makers in different provinces, so do you think we will improve in the animation industry in our country?

- I think it is a big event. There are many talented youths that they start making animation professionally. It could be a revolution in animation making in Iran. If they work hard, the animation industry will improve fast and they’ll get more global market share.

Although, the industrial animation approach to stabilize global market requires investment attraction and exchanging experiences to stabilize the production team.

The most important wealth of the Animation House is its skill, expertise and credibility. We use these spiritual investments to improve our youths and we will be with them as a consultant and we can simplify their path to grow the animation industry.

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