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Interview with Alireza Pakdel-Iran by irancartoon

Interview with Alireza Pakdel-Iran by irancartoon

Interview with Alireza Pakdel

Iran Cartoon site intends to have a short talk to cartoonists and caricaturists every week. It started with Alireza Pakdel, he was told to answer 2 or 3 questions due to his recent success, but the conversation lasted more, so it is presented in the interview section.

Almost everyone knows Alireza Pakdel. He is an Iranian cartoonist, caricaturist and character designer. Born in Mashhad, 1981. He has won many valid international awards and has held several solo exhibitions so far.

Alireza Pakdel has begun his work as a cartoonist from 1992, cooperating with magazines such as: “Golagha, Bacheha Golagha and Keihan”. He has collaborated with several publications and papers, including "Jame Jam, Hamshahri, Etemad and Online news" website. He has also worked as an animator, but his main concern is cartoon and caricature.

Alireza Pakdel has a special creative and innovation style. This artist has designed more than 300 caricatures and has presented them in different sites, papers and festivals, and has received noticeable awards from international art festivals.

Here is our interview with him:

What was your first cartoon? Do you remember?

It was during secondary school that the teacher told us to remain silent. This atmosphere of silence made me to draw a comic and exaggerated on some parts teacher's face.

When and where was your first work published?

It was during the secondary school and published in the "Bacheha Golagha" magazine.

What was the theme?

It was about “Shahgolam” with a tea tray in his hand and the kids behind him. This was published as an image for a story.

What was your first prize?

I received my first award at “the productions of provinces” festival in 2005.


What is your last prize?

It was the special Jury prize from the Romanian Amuristica Festival, which I received the catalog and the certificate of honor two days ago.

What was the theme?

Contrasting poverty and wealth; the poor man is more generous than the rich man, and I draw them both in a picture.

Do you draw cartoons digitally or manually?

Both. I mean I sketch then use software to paint it.

Which tools or software do you use?

I use Photoshop software and technical pen.

In your opinion what your best cartoon or caricature is?

It is a cartoon about immigrants drowning in the sea. The picture shows an aquarium where immigrants' boats are sinking and you see fish around them, but Europeans are just watching them.

Can cartoon and caricature be taught?

It can be taught to some extent, but one should have comic capacity. In fact, this talent can be found in the early childhood, if one does not have it, training cannot simply be enough.

What about the idea of a cartoon or a caricature?

The idea cannot be taught because everyone has his/her own way of thinking. An idea may come from a photo, movie or clip.


How do you come up with an idea?

I study the subject and engage my mind and gather information about the subject and then, I process what I have gained to come up with that idea. I might find an idea while watching a relevant or even irrelevant movie or clip.

Have you ever trained?


Is the idea more important to you or the technique?

Both of them

Is cartoon or caricature your main occupation?

Drawing caricature is my main profession; I also work professionally on animation and character design. In fact, I draw cartoons and caricatures for the aim of publishing in pa

pers and participating in festivals.

Which publications or sites do you cooperate with?

I cooperate with most of the country's press, including "online news, Etemad, Farhikhtegan and Iran". I also work with the "Shahra Ara" newspaper, which is published in Mashhad. I am also the art director of a cartoon and caricature supplement titled "Palakhanum" which is published in Mashhad too.

How long does an artwork typically take?

I spend less time on artworks of papers because of the time limitation, but I spend more on festival's work. However, I try to create high quality artworks for both.

Who is the best foreign caricaturist in your opinion?

There are many artists; I can name "Quino"

What is the best book you've ever read?

World Masterpiece Caricatures

Who are the best foreign and Iranian actors in your opinion?

Al Pacino, Marlon Brando and Ali Nasirian, Ezatollah Entezami

With whom (artist) you are in touch more?

One of a professional caricaturist of Palakhmun.

Please name an Iranian or foreign artist you like more?

Quino, the Argentinian artist

What do you think about Iran Cartoon site?

Its new design is much more up-to-date and covers more general subjects than the previous one. Your colleagues are also good at gathering information. As a whole, it is a good reference for cartoon and caricature in Iran.

Thank you for your time

I wish you all the success.


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