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Drawing caricatures very fast by Arash Foroughi

Drawing caricatures very fast by Arash Foroughi

The caricature of Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Brian Hook by Arash Foroughi was published as a photo on the cover of Farhikhtegan national newspaper on Tuesday, August 12, 1999. Arash Foroughi, a prominent cartoonist and cartoonist in the country, while presenting excerpts from this cartoon, by writing a special note for Iran Cartoon, has provided tips on how and the process of creating this work, which you can read:

"The fascination of working in the press is a challenge for me, especially for me, who is very involved in the details of the caricature and I am known for this among my colleagues.

In the beginning, it was very difficult for me to get a caricature to the newspaper news in a short time and there were cases when the work was burning! But over time, I have been able to speed up my work to the point that I now run 3 faces with space in 5 to 6 hours, and I still pay a lot of attention to detail.

This cartoon by Mike Pompeo, John Bolton and Brian Hook was one of those works that took exactly 5 hours. Etude and its performance may seem exaggerated, but in fact, we are not given more time to perform!

When I was offered the design, I first said it was very difficult and make the subject a little easier, then I came up with the idea myself, which actually made the job more complicated.

I gradually learned to start my project without drawing a linear etude and with large colored stones from the beginning, and this saves me time.

This is only the result of 18 years of practice and practice.

It may be unbearable for many to see me working day and night, working day in and day out until morning. I did not leave my house hair) but this lifestyle is very attractive to me because I know I am moving towards my goal.


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