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Brady Izquierdo, or notes for a Biennial

Brady Izquierdo, or notes for a Biennial

That of Brady Izquierdo is not an alien signature in the Cuban International Biennial of Graphic Humor. The young cartoonist strikes the threads of memory, and shares with Cubaperiodistas that there have been seven, or perhaps eight, editions in which his works have been part of the competitive show.

During the last day of several of these appointments, Isel Chacón, the director of the San Antonio de los Baños Humor Museum, mentioned her name among the artists recognized by the jury. What Brady defines as the result of “years of throwing stones around”, has been translated into a second prize in the humorous cartoon category and a mention and an award for the collateral awards of the meeting, awarded by cultural institutions and the media. press.

For this Raigal Artemiseño, who graduated in 2007 from the specialty of Plastic Education at the “Rubén Martínez Villena” Higher Pedagogical Institute, the Biennial is a space for exchange and professional growth. Among the moments that he treasures from the event - he pointed out - are those that allowed him to meet some of his professional references such as John Lent, Marilena Nardi, Ángel Boligán, Nani Mosquera and Antonio Nerilicón.

“I think that the Biennial has served, to a certain extent, to make visible the work of many who are beginning to follow the path of graphic humor. Although I believe that we must continue working so that she wins a more important role, and that she be given the value that she deserves for her importance and history ”.

Mediated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the twenty-second edition of this trade union competitive event will take place in the first half of April in a virtual way: an evolution catapulted by the need for survival.

Regarding this precedent, Brady considers that the context has served the organizers to give a new visuality to the meeting in the digital universe: “I am one of those who thinks that from social networks events like these are going to stay a bit cold, but I really appreciate that given the global situation is carried out and bet on graphic humor, despite everything ".

While the sessions of this edition arrive, in which he relapses as an exhibitor and contestant, the cartoonist outlines concrete professional endeavors that put a good face on his 2020 pandemic.

“I won five international awards, illustrated three books, and made two important group exhibitions: one at the“ Wifredo Lam ”Contemporary Art Center; and another with Ares and Boligán in the Angerona gallery, in my province of Artemisa.

Also, in parallel with my graphic work, it allowed me to delve into other more plastic lines of my creation. For cartoonists, “being in quarantine” can be common because we are often locked up, cooking something creative ”.

Meanwhile, 2021 brings Brady a two-handed expo with his friend the cartoonist Michel Moro, as part of the activities of the XXII Biennial program. Then in July, two of them will be joined by Ramiro Zardoyas in a sample collected some pieces of the team Udder, group of which the three part.

A comic book that compiles the adventures of a quarantined cosmonaut also integrates his present work schedule, which, according to the hours dedicated to cultivating his personal work, attests that there is still much, much more to be done.


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