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An interview with Nahid Zamani, the winner of two awards, 2021

An interview with Nahid Zamani, the winner of two awards, 2021

Please tell us about the awards you have won.

During two days I have got news that my works have been selected in International Semarang Cartoon Festival 2021 (i-Sekarfest), Indonesia, and “violence against women” contest, Turkey.

937 cartoonists from 59 countries had sent 1904 cartoons to Semarang Cartoon Festival, and finally three works had been selected among the 75 finalists. The contest was supported by the president of Indonesia. 

The Turkish Festival was organized by the Kütahya Governor's Office in collaboration with the Kütahya Dumlupınar University (DPÜ) in three categories: poster design, short films and cartoons. A hundred works were selected for the exhibition, among which 3 works were awarded the main prizes and 3 works were awarded honorable mentions; Ms. Mahshid Hashemi from Iran is also one of the receivers of the honorable mentions.



The above work that I sent to the Festival of Turkey is about gender discrimination in the workplace and women's employment. According to the latest statistics published in 2021 in Iran, 70.4% of the unemployed educated population are women, they 41% less than men! This shocking statistic was a good idea for creating my new cartoon. Women who get paid less for doing more work and their efforts are easily overlooked just because they are women. In my work you see the Iranian cultural climate, but the problem it deals with is global!

The subject of beneath cartoon is “education right”.


Another cartoon by NahiD Zamani that is awarded in Semarang Festival, the theme is “Human Rights Violations in Cartoonist’s Viewpoint”


During the last few month, we have witnessed many Afghan women deprived of education. When we talk about education rights, we do not just mean having the right of going to school, we mean having a right to have desire, to want a better future, to have achievements. In this work, we see a student, a boy, looking eagerly at different uniforms, he has many choices, while the girl's future is empty and colorless, like the wall in front of her! She has one choice because she was born as a girl.


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