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An interview with Ahmad Arabani

An interview with Ahmad Arabani



Arabani is a cartoonist, caricaturist, writer, animator and director. He was suggested to cooperate with “Tofigh” magazine in 1969, he was taught for two months to start his work, and continued working there till the magazine was banned. After that Kambiz Derambakhsh asked him to cooperate with “Caricature” magazine, and he was there till 1977. During that time most of his works were published by other magazines too.

Arabani cooperated with Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in 1973, studied and worked in animated films department, and collaborated in making several animated films. After the revolution, he focused more on animation and he made his first animation entitled "Axe". He collaborated with “Fokahiun” magazine from 1985 to 1991 and during these years, he also wrote a book entitled "The Bald Parrot" in collaboration with "Hossein Dastum".

Arabani cooperated “Gholagha” magazine since 1991. He created caricatures of “Hasan Habibi” several times, and received award from Habibi (Former First Vice-President of Iran). He created the animation “the Rolling Butternut squash” for kids, and received the first prize of The 7th Tehran International Animation Festival for best screenplay. It is interesting to say that Arabani played a role in “The Chief” TV series.

Now a days Arabani works for Shahrvand paper.

Here is our interview with him:


What was the first cartoon you created?

It was published in Tofigh magazine in 1969.



When did you start working as a professional cartoonist?

In 1969.


What was your first cartoon?

Regarding caricature, I hold a solo exhibition and “axe” was my first animation.


What was your last award?

The Golden plaque of the 9th International Fajr Visual Arts Festival in 2017.


How do you come to a new idea?

I usually inspired by something.


What is your opinion on inevitable similarities in artists’ works?

It happens all around the world as something usual.


And about plagiarism?

No idea.


Who is the Iranian best cartoonist?

All of them are good, but Derambakhsh is a prominent.



And the best foreign cartoonist?

All of them.


How much do you spend on an artwork?

It is different.


What tools and techniques do you use?

Pencil, paper, watercolor, brush and cardboard


Which software do you use?



What is your recommendation to your colleagues?

To improve their creativity, avoid copy.


What is your assessment of cartoon totally?




Have you ever had a problem with a cartoon of yourself?



 Your best work?

The caricature of the late "Abu Turab Jali"


 Have you ever created a cartoon for urgent delivery?

Yes, it has happened a lot.


What would you do if you were born again?

I would be an actor I think.


When was your last exhibition?

In 2020.


What is the last book you have read?

“the day I found my name” by Haroun Yashayaei


Can humor be teachable?

No, it is an inherent talent.


What was the theme of your last cartoon?



What is your opinion about Irancartoon site?

Any institution, center or person who helps to improve cartoons is very useful, including the respected site of Iran Cartoon.

Some of Ahmad Arabani's works:

















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