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How to start a business in Corona?

How to start a business in Corona?

So far, the focus of the study has been on the negative economic impact of the corona on the demand for goods due to quarantine and travel restrictions. But more recently, and with more worrying emphasis, global economists have expressed concern about supply disruptions, including losses due to reduced employee productivity, supply chain malfunctions, and machine depreciation. Production equipment and opportunity costs are lost, and even the halt of development projects and drivers and… mentioned.

So far, the shocks to the world's central banks by suppliers of products have been more than the people. The compulsion to cut interest rates or give low-interest loans to companies, including these unforeseen protections, has been caused by the coronation.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, the post-Corona world is fraught with new business challenges and events. In this post, I want to write about how to start a business after the Corona.

For entrepreneurs, the thought of starting a business in the current situation may seem terrifying at best and irrational at worst. In this situation, planning your big business opening events is not important at all, and depending on your industry and location, you may not even be able to work at full capacity in the coming months.

If you have not yet closed your business, you do not have to postpone your dreams. However, you must adapt to the new realities of the post-COVID business world and prepare for the challenges ahead.

What is the business environment like after the Corona era?
Since the epidemic is still going on, it is difficult to say how cities will cope with the continuation of their gradual reopening. At present, however, most existing jobs face current economic problems as well as concerns about consumer health and safety.

Even for companies that have been able to move to completely remote business models, communicating with customers on the one hand and significantly reducing sales has been a challenge.

Forecast the GDP situation of some countries during and after the corona
"Predicting the GDP situation of some countries during and after the corona"
"Sales teams… try to change what their customers say (many of them) with what they say," says Raul Perdigão, Pipe Drive's global sales director. "Buyers are changing their priorities to adapt to the coronary environment and the declining economy, and so are sellers."

With remote orders and with the help of cyberspace (home ordering), service businesses that serve customers face to face have become more complete to expand their service options. Many managers of world-renowned companies believe COVID-19 has put a lot of pressure on sales staff, especially companies with global sales channels.

"The current situation has forced people to choose their options more carefully, and sales team members are expected to be more integrated and, of course, much more accessible than in the past." The integrated sales approach [allows you] to attract all the excess customers that your competitors have lost due to inflexibility.

It is natural in this situation, if a brand does not have an online identity or has an identity that is inconsistent with the wishes of customers, customers will quickly recognize it and move towards a competitor who communicates effectively with its customers.

"Because you will probably never see your client in person, you need to find other ways to understand what they are thinking and what makes them come back. To make smart decisions throughout the customer life cycle (CLC), you need to manage and activate your digital data and use it in a smarter way. ”

Tips for starting a new business after the coronavirus era
Having a basic digital strategy is the key to starting a new business in the near future. Consider the following when formulating your strategy:

Make creating a strong "digital business identity" your priority
David Greenberg, Acting Vice President of Marketing, believes that in many industries, consumers trust the information they receive from reputable online brands. To that end, he says, companies need to create a content-rich multi-channel business identity that actively answers audience questions and addresses their needs.

Focus on effective SEO practices
Search engine optimization used to be important for modern businesses, but customer tracking of search results is even more important when almost all of your existing competitors are selling in part or in full online. The best way to do this is to focus on a strong SEO strategy that can attract your target customers and lead them to the buying stage.

In other words, proper SEO is like a magnet that brings [customers] to us. ” "People who find us through targeted keywords do not need to try to sell us. They are ready to buy. "It does not matter if the sale is actually made or not."

Use technology as leverage to create more personal online experiences
Since the advent of e-commerce, retail sales have shifted from in-store personal services to online sales offers. In the post-COVID world, the "digital feedback loop" between vendor and customer will be even more important.

"Traditional retailers, for example, need to be able to replicate each of their personal interactions with customers through online channels to stay agile for the future." Merchandising technology allows vendors to customize their plans based on customer behavior or navigation on the website. "Entering this segment is very important for retailers [online] who want to have an effective and stable relationship with their customers."

Have a complete communication plan before starting a company
During the corona era, it is extremely difficult for different brands to communicate with customers. When you are building your brand awareness, the way you communicate and, of course, the high level of quality of your relationship with customers, can create the advantage for you to be able to stick to the minds of your audience in a corona situation.

"New sales strategies are more focused on telecommuting, so don't skimp on communication," says Jack Wang, CEO of a cosmetics company. "Use any platform that benefits you. You need to constantly remind your customers about the continuation of your activity and life, of course, your plans should be such that it is not considered a nuisance.
In other words, Creative Marketing is the most wealth-creating tool of a company, which of course, with continuous sales, the creation of this wealth is guaranteed.
So I suggest that you make the most of any method you have to create and publish your own introductory content, including visual content. ”

Survival after the virus can boost the immune system of startups in the future
The coronavirus epidemic could boost startups' initial ability to deal with future problems.

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