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Ziraldo, the legendary figure of Brazilian cartoon passed away

Ziraldo, the legendary figure of Brazilian cartoon passed away

 yesterday at his home in Rio de Janeiro at the age of 91.
It was a great honor for me to have met Ziraldo several times. In the first picture, we are in the state of Minas Gerais. In the second picture, I am with him, Amorim (the executive director of Ziraldo's museum and publications), and several other great veteran artists (in the city of Piracicaba). And in the third picture, I am in the city of Belo Horizonte, where I was a judge in a competition with the same name. I am introducing my book and presenting it to Ziraldo (the picture was published in the catalog of this competition).
Ziraldo was a law graduate, cartoonist, writer, painter, playwright, and chronicler. His books (mostly for children) have been published in many countries around the world.

Last year, at the Latin America exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, with the help of Edra Amorim, we introduced him as the representative of the history and art of Brazilian caricature by presenting his latest works. In my opinion, he is truly the living history of this art in the Latin American continent and his country.
In one of the pictures, in 1962, Ziraldo and his colleagues are flipping through the first issue of the satirical magazine Turma do Pererê (he was the founder of this magazine).
There is much to say about him, and I hope that with the publication of the book "Latin America" in Iran, we can do him justice. Since yesterday, many artists, especially Brazilian cartoonists, have been trying to pay their respects to him on social media. The president of this country, Mr. Lula, said in this regard: "Ziraldo is considered one of the "greatest representatives of culture, press and children's literature in Brazil."
I offer my condolences to my Brazilian artist friends, and I hope that the soul of this great artist rests in peace.
In the other pictures, you can see samples of the works and books of this great artist!

Massoud Shojai Tabatabai


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