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Jury Members | The First International Festival of Peace Illustration

Jury Members | The First International Festival of Peace Illustration

According to the secretariat of the event, Mohammad Javad Zare Mahzabieh, Executive Secretary of

The First International Festival of Peace Illustration in the Narrations of Saadi, Hafiz and Mowlana

, said today: "After announcing the festival, we were well received by artists from different countries. Appropriate, in addition to raising the level of this cultural and artistic event, made the selection of judges more accurate and sensitive.
He continued: "After reviewing and talking with the most prominent figures of the art of illustration in the country, several people were selected as candidates for judging, and with further investigation and more serious follow-up, five of these people were introduced as the final judges of the festival."
The executive secretary of the festival added: Messrs. "Mohammad Ali Bani Asadi", "Kazem Talaei", "Mohammad Reza Doost Mohammadi" and "Yalda Azrami", four Iranian judges of this event, along with "Uzbek votes" from Turkey, formed the composition of the festival jury. They say that after the deadline for submitting works to the secretariat of this event, they will start their activities in judging the works and selecting the best works received.
Reminding the appropriate presence of foreign artists in this artistic event, Zare Mahzabieh invited the artists to participate in this great event by submitting their works in the remaining time until the end of the deadline for submitting the works of enthusiasts and artists in the field of illustration. He stated: During the period of the festival, works from 24 countries have been received so far.


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