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The role of symbols in cartoon

The role of symbols in cartoon

Marcelo Mosquera, an Argentinian cartoonist, make the audience familiar to a new picture and concept of pencil, Amir Mansour Rahimyan has analyzed this cartoon as:

Human being is a social creature, and communication is one of his vital needs, that has thousand dimensions, and can be expressed through different things like words. One of these things is symbol.

We all know that symbols have different meaning in different cultures and each of them has a story and so on. I want to talk about those symbols that all people around the world know them, they do not need to be explained.

Cartoonist, as artists who perceive the worlds of symbols, prefer not to use language, so they use symbols. The artists of visual art fields utilize symbols more than other artists of 7 arts subdivisions. Painters, film makers, and photographers also use symbols, but not as much as cartoonists and caricaturists.

Semiotic in cartoon is more significant and effective than drawing and painting. One of these symbols is pen, which has various meanings, like writer, writing, thinking…

Pen has been used in general by many cartoonists to refer to thinking, reading, and writing. But when it comes to shape and size, the issue is a little different. In the forthcoming work by Marcelo Mosquera, a professional cartoonist, the audience sees a new form of pen. The different form informs the audience a new thing.

In Mosquera’s work, there is no sign of power that is always attributed to a pen in most cartoons. We see a short pen, carried by a short man. He has a comical view about something that is mostly used as a flag for freedom and thought, but here is shattered, and broken. An image that refers only to the artistic aspect of this element, not to other aspects of the symbol.

Here, the pen is the only tool the artist - here the artist is cartoonist - can talk to. A pencil that is sharpened and soft and breaks with the slightest pressure. Something that is doomed to destruction after a while, even by those who make money by it. It shows death and destruction of the artist too. An artist who cannot speak properly should be dead. But the quality of original art is that it wounds the soul.

Mosquera has painted the art on the shoulders of an exhausted artist and placed the man in the shadow of a pen. In his opinion, all the character of that man who walks with difficulty can be summed up in that pencil and that art; A sharp and heavy pencil, but it leaves a mark for the future.

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