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"One Hundred Years of Cartoon" Book

"One Hundred Years of Cartoon" Book

The book "One Hundred Years of Cartoon in Tehran" has been gathered, edited and written by Jamal Rahmati.

According to the Irancartoon website quoted by ISNA, the book "One Hundred Years of Cartoon in Tehran" is another book which notices the centennial topics (such as one hundred years of writing in Tehran, one hundred years of painting in Tehran, one hundred years of landscape photography in Tehran and one hundred years of graphics in Tehran), it is published by Elmi-Farhangi (scientific and cultural) publication that is an attempt to represent Tehran's situation in terms of culture and art. 

Jamal Rahmati, the author of the book, was born in 1972 in Zanjan province. He is a graduate of Graphic Arts from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran University , and has a MA in animation from the Faculty of Cinema and Theater of the Arts University . As a cartoonist, Rahmati has collaborated with newspapers and magazines; Donyaye tasvir, Hamshahri, Shargh, Tavana, Iran, Zanan, zanane farda, Rooze haftom, Asre Azadegan, Jame, Toos, Neshat (the world of images, Hamshahri, Shargh, Tavana, Iran, women, women of tomorrow, the seventh day, the era of freedmen, society, Toos, Neshat) and many other publications. He has also been the editor of the cartoon and caricature sections of publications such as Shargh, Ham Mihan, Hamshahri magazines, and is currently the editor of the Etemad newspaper design service. Jamal Rahmati has received 26 international awards, including the six gold prize in international contests. He is a university lecturer and has also directed several short fiction films.

On the back cover of the book is written:

"Cartoons and caricatures are the art of the current age,an art which emerged after the establishment of other visual arts. Many root it back to the artworks of Da Vinci and Dürer, but the fact is that man's insistence on determining the cause of everything has led him to this, but it may not be correct. But it is clear when and how they entered Iran.

Perhaps when Azimzadeh, a painter from Tabriz and one of the founders of the art of caricature, was able to establish the first native Iranian cartoons using the Router design method, but with simpler lines and combinations, he did not think that a century later Iran would be one of the important centers for cartoonists and cartoon or caricature of the world. 

Beside social networks, cartoons and caricatures have two important media to be shown: Press and exhibitions. Tehran is the center of both. The most important publications and the most prestigious exhibitions, caricature and cartoon festivals of the country are held in Tehran. "The present book gives an overview of Iranian cartoons from the beginning until now and shows Tehran from the critical point of view of 100 cartoonists."

The book contains four parts following the preface and introduction: first part says about the history of cartoon and caricature, from Persian Constitutional Revolution to Ghol-Agha magazin, 2nd part notices to the Iranian cartoonists from 1940 to 2011. 3rd part tells us about masters cartoonists and caricaturists and the last part is about Tehran from a hundred cartoonists' points of view.


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