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Interview with Stvan Horkay

Interview with Stvan Horkay

Stvan Horkay is a modernist artist and painter from Hungry. He was born in Budapest in 1945.

He studied in College of Fine Arts and after that, he was invited to present in the Fine Arts Academy of Krakow Poland that it is the main center of the art and culture of east Europe and he is graduated Master of Fine Arts from here. Then he continued his education in Royal Art Academy in Copenhagen Denmark. He is graduated Master of art, painting and Animation too.

Mr.Horkay is a member of AGI and in this interview, he talked about his philosophical and abstract views and ideas. He knows his designs and posters as a new part of digital art named virtual poem. You can read the interview of RoozRang with him here:  

Does forms play an important role in your daily life?

- In 1921, Heinrich Wolfflin said that a landscape has visual and explanatory features; that means we see the shapes in compared with each other. The form of shapes form from comparing things and they cause them to be different from each other; by this point of view, we can get not only ourselves but also the special relationship through the form of shapes. Because we don’t only see the picture.

A photo of a landscape means by different shapes and it is beautiful; shapes in life are like an educational source for keeping in mind and using in suitable time.

Do you know any difference between a designer and drawer?

- Yes, maybe they are different in solution they select. Designing is a method and drawing is an instinctive process.

Are your works inspired by your life experiences?

- Life experience creates a type of freethought and social view in his works for everyone in everywhere in the world. These different lifestyles in society make us focusing on our social thought and it affects in creating our works too. It is important that how we can add visual expression to the social memory and use it. The composition of a new idea with our mental image can create a new dimension of that picture.

What has had the greatest influence on your works?

- I have studied the poster and works of Henryk Tomaszewski and Franciszek Starowieyski in the Fine Arts Academy of Krakow Poland.

How has technology affected the art world?

Today, computers make our lives easier. However, I, as an artist know it as a serious tool because it reflects the nature of an artist and his work.

If all of our work processes are done by digital tools and math, we can find the contrast between human art and digital software.

It is very important that an artist can display his work directly. Sometimes I have some problems in my work that it is solved by digital tools. For example, when I save my work as PSD in photoshop, I can change or modify my last files freely. My works are available as saved files and when I need I can change and increase their qualities.

While, we may face some challenges through learning this technology but we can create different and unlimited artistic works.

It helps me to feature literature and poem as an image in my work. Each layer of a work in digital tool appears the spirit of an artist and I know every layer as a virtual poem for other layer. Every layer of my work is a poem and at last they form a unique and complete layer.

My goal is to produce a new genre of digital art that I called it virtual poem.

What do you mean be virtual poem?

- It is a created poetry picture by using graphic tools. It includes animation picture, sounds and sub sounds in music, digital art that they are inspired by Apollinaire, Paul Celan and other.

What did you learn a little too late?

- It is the power of visual expression. It is possible to create and display great concepts by that.

Are you influenced by the ancients’ works in your works?

- Yes, it is normal that an artist uses ancients’ works, he studies them and finds their mysteries and creates new work by composing them with his knowledge.

What interests you to your work style?

- The art of posthuman is originated by scientific fiction story, futurology, contemporary art, and philosophy and it is interested me. Our art is far from its ideal form, when instincts are disappeared and we don’t see them in the works.

The beginning of art originated from unknown instinct human that it is appeared by pasting of time and historical layer and it isn’t very understandable for us. It allows human in every time and place to find himself in other times and in distinct world and create works by it.

When you gain a self-knowledge in art (which is derived from his imagination in his time), that it has been neither planning nor calculation, then you can achieve artistic self-sufficiency.









Interview and translation by: Meghdad ShirAli

Source: Rouz Rang

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