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Interview with Salar Eshratkhah, the selected cartoonist of “Jihad narration”

Interview with Salar Eshratkhah, the selected cartoonist of “Jihad narration”

Eshratkhah is a cartoonist, illustrator, and animator who was born in Tabriz province in 1986. He has been awarded more than 30 awards from national and international contests, including: the third prize of the 44th Academia Bugia cartoon contest (Italy), the third and fifth prize of Safety Cartoon Challenge - Toons Mag (2020), the third prize of Hope Cartoon Challenge - Toons Mag, (2020), honorable diploma of sixth international NOTICARTUN, Columbia (2020), and the honorable mention of 4th international BEAVERS LAUGH festival, Ukraine (2020).


Eshratkhah has taught cartoon at the Naji Cinema in Tabriz and private institutions, and has also collaborated in the field of animation on the film project "Secret of the Butterflies" and the TV series "The Devoted Peasant". He has been a jury member of the “Youth Iranian Cartoon Festival” in 2019, participated in various exhibitions of cartoons and collaborating with publications such as: Rouyesh, Khat Khati and Falgoosh.


Please tell us about your selected cartoon in this Jihad festival?

The theme was narration of the bravery and sacrifices of the medical staff as heroes, heroines, to encounter the Covid 19 pandemic, and I tried to do my part in this cultural task. The used technique is digital performed on A4 format by Photoshop software.


Eshratkha’s awarded cartoon in Jihad Narration festival


How was Jihad festival like?

Too many cartoons were sent to this event that evince its significance.

You were also selected artist of “all against Corona Virus” cartoon festival, how do you see Hoze-Honari’s activities and measures in the realm of art?

The Center for the Islamic Revolution Arts (Hoze-Honari) as one of the custodians of the culture and art of the country, has hold important events and I hope that they will continue to their cultural activities regarding the Corona Virus and other current events of the society.

In your opinion, to what extend art plays an effective role in propagating the revolutionary lessons?

Art is an attractive and effective instrument in attracting audiences and transmitting data in today's world, and revolutionary artists play this role.










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