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Interview with Mansoureh Dehghani for his Coronavirus cartoons

Interview with Mansoureh Dehghani for his Coronavirus cartoons

Coronavirus pandemic has emerged rapid crisis in the world that it affected the minds of all social class, every one based on his social position has different reaction to it. But artists and caricaturists responded differently. Mansoureh Dehghani is one of the artists who has created interesting and amazing cartoons on this subject and there are great feedbacks in social media and presses. Her cartoons express the coronavirus problems. We can see emotional behavior in her works. She provided some pictures of treatment staff that they deal with coronavirus. In some of her works, she warned her audiences that coronavirus makes us very problem so, we should consider it seriously. Because of them, we talked to her as you read here:

You start creating some remarkable cartoons like your works along with Coronavirus pandemic. What was your approach and why did you create these works?

- I should say being an artist means worrying about the problems. The cartoonist sees the issues of his society and expresses them critically and surrealistically. By means of it, his pains are reduced and eventually, it will be effective and able to create culture.

 My concern has been a comprehensive view to the epidemic issue. From treatment staff dealing with the coronavirus to pay attention to the concerning problems that it engages all of us including children’s right, working children, women and etc.

The art of cartoon considers the subjects with all their aspects, mellifluously and also sardonically. In many cases, the bitter subjects have been shown by this humorous approach, and so it decreased its bitterness for the audiences. Coronavirus has many potentials and cartoon can use this capacity. How much mellifluous and humor are important to you? It seems you have considered side effects of the virus and its crisis very much such as “Hanging coronavirus on the coat hooker” cartoon or decreasing global economic growth or alarming and health points works. How do you analyze this issue?

- In Hanging coronavirus on the coat hooker cartoon, I tried to draw the space of a house where there is house violence in it by combining club and coronavirus next to the men’s cloth. In this cartoon, an angry and tired man go home and it makes audiences anxious and scared. I think humor should be shocking and thoughtfulness more than mellifluous and humorous. We have to make the audience mind to solve the cartoon issue so until important thing happens.

Some of your works has been published in the newspaper on coronavirus subject. Was the newspaper’s order related to your selection on this subject?

- I choose myself cartoons subject and they are not custom. A press cartoonist should follow the day news and being along with society until he could use his tools to show the problems.

As coronavirus spread in Iran, the International Cartoon and Caricature “we defeat corona” competition was organized by secretary of the artist, cartoonist and illustrator, Seyed Masoud Shojaee Tabatabaee,. Many works were sent to this competition from many countries around the world. Have you have sent any work too? Would you please tell us about them?

- Yes, I sent 5 works to this competition. My works’ subject included appreciating treatment staff, people’s behavior in quarantine period and families’ livelihood.

What comments and feedbacks did you receive from your audiences in social media?

- Fortunately, I received positive feedback from some of my works, and some had world feedback because it is a global crisis and cartoon’s language is international. In one of my cartoons as “poverty and corona”, I drew a father that he can’t stay at home because of poverty and after he returns his home, there are coronaviruses on his patches.

In “Frontline Leaders” cartoon, I received positive feedback from treatment staff. I consider them as persons who sacrifice themselves to deal with coronavirus. In terms of linearity, it corresponds to neutralize the mine.  

Which cartoons of your cooperators do you like the most and why?

- Fortunately, many of my cooperators created effective and great works on coronavirus subject, including Mahnaz Yazdani. Mr. Alireza Pakdel also created hopeful cartoons that appreciate treatment staff.

Do you have any comment?

- I appreciate you and Iran Cartoon Website that are active these days.

Thank you for spending time with us.





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