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Interview with Hamid Soufi for his Coronavirus cartoons

Interview with Hamid Soufi for his Coronavirus cartoons

Coronavirus pandemic has emerged rapid crisis in the world that it affected the minds of all social class, every one based on his social position has different reaction to it. But artists and caricaturists responded differently. Hamid Soufi is one of the artists who has created interesting and amazing cartoons on this subject and there are great feedbacks in social media and presses. His cartoons have more expressive and situational approach on this subject. He provided some pictures of treatment staff that they deal with coronavirus. Thanks of them we talked to him as you read here:

Coronavirus global crisis has involved the caricaturists’ mind and they created some remarkable cartoons like your works. These works are artistic and they consider the coronavirus and its side effect too. What is your opinion about the approaches and contents related to this subject?

- Today’s world conditions and coronavirus pandemic cause many people and also artists stay at home but treatment staff have to deal with it. Many artists and cartoonists try to show the problems and difficulties have involved the most of the society. Cartoon and caricature’s language are the most effective and expressive language in the world that it can show these issues and it also can inform people very much. I’ve been stay at home since the February and I use this time to exhibit the difficulties and works of the nurses and treatment staff by coronavirus cartoon series.

My art approach in terms of form and technique is what I’ve done for a long time. My characters usually have special features and for speeding the work, I do them with light pen in digital area and coloring in photoshop, however I’m interested to work handy and on the paper.

The art of cartoon considers the subjects with all their aspects, mellifluously and also sardonically. In many cases, the bitter subjects have been shown by this humorous approach, and so it decreased its bitterness for the audiences. But mellifluous and humor are inconspicuous in most of your works. Although it isn’t important in assessing your works, but it seems that you have concerning and expressive approach on this subject and the issue is more important to you. What is your analysis and opinion about the way you concern to this issue?

- I always try to use black humor in my works and it is understandable for all people too and it can express the concept by the best way. During this time, my family and I were worry about this virus and I think how I can express this disturbance.

In most of your works, Coronavirus is bolder than the others. Where does this view come from?

- The coronavirus pandemic involved many families and society. Many families were devastated, many activities were closed and treatment staff showed their braveness. So, it is the least work that show these difficulties and courage.

As coronavirus spread in Iran, the International Cartoon and Caricature “we defeat corona” competition was organized by secretary of Seyed Masoud Shojaee Tabatabaee. Many works were sent to this competition from many countries. Have you have sent any work too? Would you please tell us about them?

- I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Shojaee Tabatabaee that he, as an artist tries to exhibit the issues and problems of the society as festivals or competitions. International “we defeat corona” competition was organized in the best time that society engaged it. Perhaps, caricature could record these difficulties in the best way. I attended in this festival with 5 works and I tried to exhibit the courage of nurse and treatment staff more.

How can cartoon and caricature help to fight against this virus crisis? What is the best approach in your opinion?

- It seems that people’s information is very important to fight with the virus and cartoon can play a significant rule because people communicate with it easily. We can exhibit the modes of disease transmission and the ways of fighting with it by billboard and outdoor advertising cartoons. These days people need happiness and encouragement and cartoons can do it.

What comments and feedbacks did you receive from your audiences in social media?

- I usually exhibit my works on press, virtual space and Instagram. My audiences liked them and I use their comments in my future works.

Do you have any comment?

- I appreciate Iran cartoon House, Master Shojaee Tabatabaee, Mr.Zahedi and you for interviewing. I hope coronavirus disappear in all around the world and people will become happy and we have a good year.

Thank you for spending time with us.










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