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Interview with Andrea Rivola, an Italian illustrator

Interview with Andrea Rivola, an Italian illustrator

Andrea Rivola lives in Riolo Terme. As he graduated, he started to work as an illustrator and graphist. Now, he works in digital and analogue media and he is always interested to cooperate with other artists.

When did you start illustrating?

- I’ve started since 2000 and I published my first book. But I would like to be an illustrator several years before it. After that, I tried harder to become a professional illustrator.

Who are your admired illustrators?

- It’s very hard to forget people but they are Quentin Blake, Kveta, Ferenc Pintér, Sergio Tofano, Gustave Doré, Lorenzo Mattotti, and Pacovska.

Which story attracts you more?

Although, illustrating story is always unknown for me. I attracted the picture books that their stories are impenetrable for me and it is hard to translate them to the images. Perhaps in this cases, we avoid creation and imagination.

What would you recommend to people who want to do illustration?

- It is essential to have hidden genius everywhere and creative view to every subject. If you are influenced by famous people and society fewer in your works, so, your works have more visual value and you are more distinctive then the others.

What are you doing now?

- I illustrate a story book called “The End” by Guido Sgardoli. This story is about the character of a naturalist and amazing researcher that he meets acrobatic adventures in his life and he continues special life.






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