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Interview with Alireza Zakeri for his Coronavirus cartoons

Interview with Alireza Zakeri for his Coronavirus cartoons

Coronavirus pandemic and its side effect occupy the mind of many caricaturist. Most artists fight this deadly virus by creating some works or other activities in different fields of art. But cartoonists have very important role because this art has a special potential that it could be able to inform people and criticize the negligence.

Ali Zakeri is a cartoonist that he created considerable works about this theme. His works have a good function for informing audiences and they seem to have a considerable reflection in media and social networks. Also, they get a great feedback from the audiences. For this, we interviewed with this artist that you can read here:

Pandemic coronavirus theme causes creating considerable cartoons and they reflex the problems. We can point your works that the many reflections arising from them. They deal with coronavirus and its side effects, and they are very artistic too.  What is your opinion about the approaches you have taken toward this subject and your point of view and analysis on the content, and your approach to the subject in terms of form and technique or other artistic aspects of them?

- When some global events happen, usually all artists around the world start to create many works. I myself begin to draw some cartoons with coronavirus references seriously. Meanwhile, the world’s most important advices, extensive advertising, and hashtags paid my attention to itself that they asked people around the world “stay at home” because their lives and others are not endangered.

I have a journalistic view on society in addition my artistic activities. I didn’t see anything among the country news about helping homeless people. Every day we see many of them in the streets, and they have no home to stay in it.

In this social event, there is a paradox in my works that annoys audiences. I try to join audiences mind to this annoying fact (homeless people’s life) until they engage this bitter humor for a while.

Cartoon art deals with subject matters and their aspects sarcastically and smoothly. In many cases, bitter subjects are showed by this humor approach, so they aren’t bitter. However, some low-level and cheap works are just for fun. Although, in spite of the many problems and its bitterness, coronavirus become a subject for satirical approach by cartoonists considerably. Your works are elegant and valuable but the remarkable thing is your special view and perspective that distinct them from others. They have a more serious mental disturbance. You have presented difference pictures, such as a homeless person, the dangers of rumors or earn a few moneys as a mask in which serious view and social responsibility is very prominent. What is your analysis and view about this?

- I appreciate the consideration you have shown to my works.

Every artist has a special view to the bitter subject around him, with regard to the mental disturbance and the world he lived in.

An artist looks for subjects in the deadly crisis of coronavirus that they can express his sensitiveness and understanding of the world around him. In fact, every artistic work shows his mental world and thoughts. Artists display their inner perception by their works.

Contemporary with coronavirus pandemic in Iran, International cartoon contest “we defeat Coronavirus” was organized by Masaud Shojaee Tabatabaee, the cartoonist, illustrator, and the secretary of this competition. Many great works were sent from different countries. Definitely, you sent some works too. Would you please tell us about them?

-There are three groups in crisis conditions such as war, economic problems, and Coronavirus pandemic. Rich people can stay at home or in their villas for a year or more. Even politicians can stay at a safe place.

But there are people who are homeless and vulnerable. The average level of society as well as those who have to be on duty, are always advanced assisting in crisis. Artist must be with these people and don’t leave the alone. Perhaps these works declare what is happening to them.

In these conditions that human lives are threated, caricaturist can create works which are registered in history. It is a chance to examine ourselves.

Your works are considered in virtual space very much. What reactions do you get from your audiences?

- As I’ve already said, I consciously considered subjects who are a wide range of society and they pay attention audiences mind and have deep feeling and they aren’t indifferent and they do something to solve the problem.

I could anticipate the audiences’ reaction about the works I draw for Coronavirus crisis. People are responsible and we can see their tear drops and hear their gulping sound because the artistic works accommodate them.

Do you have any comment?

I seriously believe that an effective artistic work can be successful. If we can do it, so starting that. Even one work.

Extensive global audiences are eager to see the artists’ works.


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