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Fakhreddin Dost Mohammad

Fakhreddin Dost Mohammad

Fakhreddin Dost Mohammad   is a cartoonist, caricaturist, photographer and illustrator; he was born in 1976 in Qasre Shirin, Kermanshah province. He has a bachelor's degree in carpet design drawing from the Faculty of Architecture and Art of Kashan University. Dost Mohammad has valuable experiences in holding exhibitions, being jury members of festivals and creating various works, writing specialized articles in the before mentioned fields and has received numerous awards from national and international festivals, including the award for the best cartoon from the 20th Daejeon International cartoon contest of South Korea, 2012, the second prize of the 5th biennial of de geuse, Belgium, 2014 and the second prize of the International Silk Road contest of China 2015.

Dost Mohammad is also the director of the House of Caricature in Kermanshah province and has recently become the director of the visual arts center, but nothing has stopped him from creating artworks and the environment.

Doost Mohammad has recently received special prize of cartoon festival of Syria, and also has held a small exhibition in his house, here is our interview with him:

Which prize have you received from Syria's Festival?

The themes were love and Nizar Qabbani. The theme I selected to participate was love: an old man and his wife lying on their sides, but their dentures in a mug express love to each other.

You are an environmentalist, how we can use art to serve environment?

A few days ago, was unveiling of some of my conceptual artworks to protest the sacrifice of animals and the forest fires in the Dalahu in Kermanshah province. In my opinion, this is an art in use, which teaches us not to be limited to traditional materials and tools, such as paper, pens, or computers.

I also have formed a virtual group for illustration, exhibition … Also, I try to write short stories and screenplays with moral and human themes, and I would like to sponsor filmmakers or hold exhibitions and contests.

In "Shahre-man-Kermanshah" magazine, I proposed to have a column in which artists write about selected cartoons and I award the best one.

What about the sketches you have made recent months?

I use them as a reference for future use which can be changed.

Tell us a little more about the conceptual artworks you have made during quarantine and the exhibition?

That exhibition was held on March, in my home with the presence of a group of professors and artists from Kermanshah. Two months ago, the Dalahu area cached on fire, and many trees and animals were burnt. In fact, this was an exhibition to show my anger to such neglect by the officials.

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A cartoon for war refugees.

For kind mothers, whose stone statue is full of love and kindness too.

For Elderlies. 


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