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Exclusive interview with Bahram Arjmandnia-Iran

Exclusive interview with Bahram Arjmandnia-Iran

Bahram Arjmandnia, cartoonist, caricaturist, illustrator and animator, was born in 1964 in Tehran and graduated in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran.
After graduating, Arjmandnia entered the professional work space and also worked in the fields of painting, animation, cartoon, caricature and illustration in the outdoor work space and taught some of these fields.

Bahram Arjmandnia is one of the cartoonists who flourished in the early seventies. His father is a professional painter and for this reason, he has based his work on painting. Its extraordinary design and color scheme make its cartoons technically sound and pure subjects.

This artist has won numerous domestic and foreign awards from prestigious festivals and competitions, including the first prize of the UNESCO International Cartoon Competition in 1997, the winner of the honorary diploma from the 1998 Nasreddin Hodja Competition in Turkey, the free subject, the winner of the award. Third "Nehrtoblek" Turkey with the theme of chivalry 1998, Special Award of the Turkish Press in the International Nasreddin Hodja International Competition 1999, Tehran Biennial commendation plaque and statue in 2001 with the theme of the winner of the first Tehran Biennial Cartoon Award in 2005 from the public point of view Tehran ninth period with the theme of immigration and winner of the domestic press award in the years 1995-1996 from the International Press Fair.

He has held several solo exhibitions and has participated in many group exhibitions and has judged several festivals. In addition, he has had extensive collaborations with the press, including: Kayhan Caricature Magazine, Hamshahri Newspaper and Magazines, and Iran and Jam Jam Newspapers.

Arjmandnia was recently selected as the second sticker of the year award with the fixed egg shampoo sticker of IGAP Messenger. We have had an exclusive interview with him under the pretext that you are reading:

First, tell us a little bit about the egg shampoo sticker that was selected in the second ipag sticker year award of the year.

Egg shampoo has been produced for half a century and is still found on the shelves of shops and supermarkets. In the old days, we did not have so much choice and it was not like now that there are 100 types and brands of shampoos and detergents.

Pillow shampoo, olive palm soap, double razor blade and egg shampoo, etc. If we really wanted to take a luxury bath, we would order a cool coca cola from the top of the bath glass

What potential did the egg shampoo have for sticker that you chose?

I chose egg shampoo because of its shape and it could be turned into an attractive character. Nostalgia was also important, and in addition, his companion was a pillow shampoo.

In the call, local and Iranian themes were to be created to be suitable for the application. In general, the expansion of native stickers and Iranian culture was considered.

At first, I thought of a few subjects and chose this one from among them, and based on my experience in the field of animation, I paid attention to its movements and physics, and saw that it has the conditions to become a tasty character.

Was the nostalgia of Paveh Egg Shampoo the starting point of your idea?

In terms of choice, just being nostalgic could not be the criterion, and I think it should have included more conditions. For example, you have 10 species of flowers, and you mostly use 3 to 4 of them.

Please tell us about your recent work and activities and the last award you received. And what have been your recent successes in your work?

I had not worked seriously with international exhibitions for several years, and most of the time I sent my previous works and archives to them, but a few months ago I started producing new works and participated in some exhibitions, and now I am waiting for the result. . For example, I recently won the second prize in Kenya in Africa and I also won second prize in the Kosovo cartoon competition.

A picture of the collection of Bahram Arjmand Nia Awards, which was his last egg shampoo


What do you think we should have about this art?

I think we should first look at the history of the sticker, and secondly, what has become of it today and how much has it spread on social networks?
I think stickers go with time and their deformation is in line with time and with shoulder technology. For example, in the old days when there was no computer and all communication was through letters and postcards, people, especially the younger generation, took pictures in At the end, they either designed letters and cards, or stuck labels. I remember the simplest of them being one or two shooting hearts or a sunset scene with a palm tree and the sea and a girl and a boy sitting front the sun (of course, they must follow the protocol and social distance)

Or when mobiles were not so advanced, two dots and parentheses were opened; Happiness and laughter and vice versa were sadness and annoyance. However, today, with the development of stickers and their variety, people combine them to show proverbs to each other. I think that more mobile stickers will be produced and used in the future.

What do you think a fixed sticker has in common with a cartoon or caricature? And what does an animated sticker have in common or different from animation?

There is no doubt that most stickers, both fixed and movable, are produced by illustrators, cartoonists and animators. They did.

Thanks a lot dear Bahram

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