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Exclusive interview with Alireza Pakdel

Exclusive interview with Alireza Pakdel

Alireza Pakdel, a well-known Iranian cartoonist and caricaturist, has always had a serious and successful presence in numerous national and international competitions and festivals and has won many and very prestigious awards in these competitions. Pakdel recently won the Bielsko-Biala Award (Poland) from the International Biennial of Anti-War Cartoons "Kragujevac" in Serbia, and in the field of caricature he immediately won the first prize at the International Cartoon Festival of the face of the famous Italian opera singer Enrique Caruso. . For this reason, we have had an exclusive conversation with him, which you read:

Have you recently won in the two fields of cartoons and caricatures? First of all, what are some of these events and festivals?

I won the Bilesko-Biala Award (Poland) from the 21st World Anti-War Cartoon Festival in Serbia. The festival kicked off in May this year with the theme of anti-war and solidarity between the people and the United Nations.

Alireza Pakdel, winner of the Bilesko-Biala Award (Poland) from the International Biennial of Anti-War Cartoon in Serbia

In this festival, Massoud Shojaei Tabatabai, one of the masters and cartoonists of our country, was the chairman of the jury.

I also won the first prize at the Enrique Caruso International Caricature Festival in Italy.

The work of Alireza Pakdel, who won the first prize at the International Cricature Festival of Enrique Caruso in Italy

The festival was held to mark the 100th anniversary of Enrique Caruso, an Italian opera singer and one of history's most famous tenor singers. Caruso is also one of the most popular singers in all genres in the first half of the twentieth century. The festival received 134 cartoons from around the world, of which 84 were exhibited. The exhibition of these works was held on the 2nd of August by the Municipality of Villargio and the Pucciniano Festival Foundation, which will continue until the 30th of August due to the welcome of the audience. At this festival, I jointly won the first prize with Theodosius Tenektzidis, a prominent Greek cartoonist.

Both festivals created an attractive competition with the participation of prominent participants in the field and cartoons and caricatures.

What did you emphasize in these works in relation to the theme of those festivals?

In both festivals, I tried to show my views and perceptions on these issues. I was interested in the variety of different spaces in the anti-war theme, as well as the correct use of exaggerations and ideas appropriate to the character in the cartoon of the face.

The elements of the cartoon space that you won, in addition to the image of Enrique Caruso, are inspired by musical instruments, and objects have been added to the image in your work? Tell us about this special aspect and what you emphasize and intend on in the art of caricature?

Yes, well considering the theme of the festival, which was the prominent figure in the field of music Enrique Caruso, I tried to have a comprehensive look at the life of this artist. The pictures of him in different years of his life and artistic life, helped a lot to complete the work. Emphasis on precise exaggeration and ideation in the work as a whole, as well as the experience of omitting some elements of the face in this particular subject, has been an important part of my work process.

Recently, there have been changes in the color of your workspace in terms of color in some of your works, and you have tended to gray and even black and white colors and backgrounds, such as the water elegy cartoon? What is the reason for this? Is it related to changes in the themes of your work and the issues you address?

Yes, depending on the type and variety of subjects, the type of coloring can certainly be different and varied, of course, in order to convey the concepts of the work.

I believe that coloring in a work can be different according to the conditions and concepts we are looking for. Of course, this can also be related to the artist's mood, when he wants to create a work, and it has always been an interesting part of the work for me, and I tried to move in line with the work.

What about your current activities or what might happen at work?

I am busy working in the press these days. Of course, my personal part has been dealing with current issues of the society as well as the international space. Another part of my work is dedicated to face caricatures, and I am working on completing a series that I hope to be able to exhibit at a specific time. As well as character design and new experiences that you will soon see.

You have always had and still have a serious and successful presence in numerous national and international competitions and festivals. What is your assessment, view and also your vision for this very serious and successful presence in competitions and festivals? Apart from its positive aspects, can it harm your art?

My view of attending festivals can definitely motivate me to create a work. Of course, winning awards is always pleasant and not hidden from anyone, but I have never had a competitive view of this category, and receiving the most important and largest festivals has not been and will not be the main reason for my company. These competitions and festivals can only be an opportunity to improve and advance my work. I also tried not to suffer from the festival and its associated fringes, which if an artist suffers from, he will suffer irreparable damage.


If you have a special conversation, please?

I would like to thank the people involved in the Iran Cartoon site who worked hard to create a comprehensive and complete site in the field of cartoons and caricatures. The constant support of local and foreign artists has also been admirable. The news coverage of the artists' successes and activities is also done in a professional way, which deserves thanks. Finally, I wish all my compatriots good health and good days with coronary heart disease control.


Iran Cartoon site congratulates you on receiving these two awards as well as your birthday, which is the 7th of September, and wishes you good health and success as much as possible.


The following are some examples of Alireza Pakdel's recent works:





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