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An interview with Ayat Naderi

An interview with Ayat Naderi

Ayat Naderi is a cartoonist, animator, teacher and animation director, and was born in 1980 and graduated with a master's degree in illustration and visual communication.

Naderi teaches at Isfahan University of the Arts, he has an institution and is an expert in visual arts for child and adolescent, and he is a founder of the Caricaturgram Center and Tash Art Academy. He has held 7 solo exhibitions so far and has participated in several group exhibitions in the field of graphics and caricature and has published 4 caricature books.

Naderi has won many national and international awards, including: Fifth place at the Yomotos International Cartoon Festival, Greece, 2016, Special Prize at the Turhan Seljuk International Festival in Turkey,2017, Second Prize at the International American Human Rights Festival-Tehran, 2017, Special Prize at the International Turhan Seljuk Festival, Turkey,2018 and the first prize of the National Traffic Cartoon Festival, 2018.

He was a director of several animations too.

200 pieces of his artworks have been published in prestigious domestic and foreign catalogs, he has held workshops on theories and principles of graphics and cartoons and digital illustration, has set up specialized camps on Photography and competition and meetings for youth every Monday with the topic of caricature speaks to you and holding a workshop on how to design a cartoon, he has also been a jury member of different contests.


What was your first caricature?

My teachers in lower secondary education stage.



When did you start your career professionally?

Since 2008, when I founded Caricaturgram center.



What was your first work?

A cartoon with the theme of environment.



What was your first award?

 I got my first prize for the above mentioned cartoon.


 And the last one?

The National Festival of Mashhad,2021


How do you come to a new idea?

Whenever I look around with the topic in my mind.


 What do you think about the inevitable similarities between artists’ works?

 It is an ingredient of art structures.


What do you think of plagiarism?



Who do you think is the best Iranian cartoonist?

We have many, but I think Masoud Zardkhashouyee is one of the bests.


And the international cartoonist?



The best cartoon you've ever seen?

A cartoon by dear Masoud, in which a boat furrowing the sea and a fisherman planting fish.


How much do you spend on a work?

Very much.


What tools and techniques do you utilize?



Which software?

Photoshop, After Effects and Adios


What do you think about caricature in the world?

It is not good, and I hope that division will be replaced by unity.


Have you ever had problem with your cartoons?



What is your best cartoon?

A man who cried and his tong was a white flag for peace.


Have you ever created a cartoon off the cuff?

Yes, editorial cartoons.



When was your last exhibition?



Who is your favorite artist?

Abbas Kiarostami in Cinema.


 What was the last book you have read?

“how we become we”, “comic art”.


Do you think humor is teachable?

Definitely yes.  



What is your opinion about Irancartoon website?

It is one of the bests, I liked the previous version more.







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