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26th International Open Cartoon Contest "Olympics"-Poland 2024

26th International Open Cartoon Contest "Olympics"-Poland 2024 Deadline: May 31, 2024

Theme: Olympic Games


1. All competition participants must be adults with full legal capacity, involved in satirical drawing on a professional or an amateur basis, who have submitted an application form and any number of original drawings with a minimum AS and maximum A3 format and made using any techniques, by 31st May 2024, to the Organizer’s address:
the Cyprian Norwid Regional and Public Library
al. Wojska Polskiego 9
65-077 Zielona Gora
or in electronic form (works format. A-3 maximan, resolution 100 dpi, JPEG format sent by email to cartoon.contest@norwid.zgora.pl
Any drawings sent by post must be accompanied by an entry form.
2. Works that do not meet the conditions specified in Sec. I will not be admitted to the Competition.
3. Participants of the Competition cannot include employees of the Organizer or Co-organizers, understood as persons employed with any legal contract, as well as persons who directly participate in the preparation in the preparation or implementation of the Competition. Moreover, participants of the Competition may not be members of the immediate family of persons referred to in the previous sentence such as spouses, ascendants, siblings, relatives in the same line or degree as well as adopting persons.
4. Only works that have not been awarded before may take part in the competition.
5. Each work should be signed by the author.
6. By participating in the competition, each Participant agrees to the free transfer of the works sent to the Competition to the Organizer and confirms that he is the author of the submitted works and that submitting them to the Competition does not infringe the rights of third parties.
7. The participants agree to have their works published free of charge by the Organizer and Co-organizers.
8. By their personal participation in the closing ceremony of the post-competition exhibition, the Participant agrees to the processing of their image through photographs, and to their availability to promote cultural events by the Organizer.
9. The condition for paying the cash prizes to the winners is their personal participation in the closing ceremony of the post-competition exhibition or indication of the bank and account number to which the award amount is to be transferred.
10. Participation in the competition as well as works and obligations related to it, including claims for a prize, cannot be transferred to third parties.
11. The cost of sending the work is borne by the Competition participant.
12. Works with the following content will not be admitted to the Competition:
1) calls for racial, ethnic or religious hatred,
2) material encumbered with the rights of third parties, including copyrights,
3) material presenting a commercial offer or an advertisement for an institution/company.

1. Announcement and publication of the competition: March 2024.
2. The deadline for submitting works: 31st May 2024.
3. Proceedings of the Jury and announcement of the results of the Competition: by 30th June 2024.
4. Opening of the post-competition exhibition: September 2024.
5. The date of submission of works to the Competition is the date of receipt of the complete documentation (works and application form) by the Organizer.
6. Works delivered to the Organizer after the deadline specified in Section III, Point 2 will not qualify for the Competition.
7. The Organizer will immediately notify the Competition participants about the Competition results.
8. The deadline specified in Section III, Point 2 may be changed in favor of the participants it may be extended without the need to change these regulations. The Organizer shall notify participants about the change of the deadline in the manner specified in Section 1, Point 6 of the Regulations.

1. The Jury consists of cartoonists and persons practically and theoretically involved in art.
2. The Competition Jury evaluates the entries and decides about awarding the prizes.
3. The Jury selects works to receive awards/prizes by a simple majority of votes, in the presence of at least 2/3 of the members.
4. The Jury has the right to finally distribute the prizes, change their amount and quantity. The Jury also has the right not to award a prize.
5. When evaluating the works, the Jury will take into account, in particular, the artistic value of the drawing, its accuracy in interpreting the subject, and its humorous aspect.
6. If the Organizer, Co-Organizers or members of the Jury, after or before the awarding of the prizes indicated in the Regulations, receive information that the work sent to the Competition constitutes plagiarism or in any other way violates the law or the provisions of these Regulations, the Organizer, as a result of the decision of the Competition Jury, has the right to:
1) withhold the award or the handing over of the award until such doubts are clarified,
2) make a decision not to award a prize in the Competition,
3) demand the return of a prize already awarded
7. The Jury’s decisions are final.

1. The Co-organizer, the University of the Third Age in Zielona Góra, will provide the following prizes in the Competition:
1st PRIZE-4000 PLN
2. Additionally, the Organizer will provide awards and special distinctions, particularly for the author of a drawing made using a traditional technique.
3. Tax will be deducted from prizes in accordance with the applicable regulations.
4. The organizer envisages the publication of a post-competition catalogue and the organization of a post-competition exhibition, and reserves the right to select drawings for the catalogue and the post-competition exhibition.


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