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Humor Sapiens International Cartoon Contest-Chile 2024

Humor Sapiens International Cartoon Contest-Chile 2024 Deadline: Sept. 10, 2024

Theme: Technology and education

“Colegio Colonial de Pirque”, the “Museo de Chupacabras de Pirque” and “Humor Sapiens”, from Santiago de Chile, announce the “Humor Sapiens 2024 Contest”, with the following objectives:
a) Raise students’ awareness in the aesthetic appreciation of graphic humor and stimulate its creation.
b) Collaborate in the development of their critical thinking.
c) Develop a healthy sense of humor.
d) Promote positive and beneficial values ​​for their academic training.

I- Only subject: “Technology and education”.
Technological advances have impacted learning and teaching. An example: what we experienced with virtual classes due to the last pandemic. For many, this technological progress has a positive impact on aspects such as autonomy and motivation or technological understanding in itself. Another example would be those known as flipped classrooms, where general explanations or readings are done outside of class, using audiovisual tools on electronic devices. But there are opinions against, such as the misuse of cell phones during school hours, which distracts the student from the pedagogical objectives and, in addition, there are those who point to a passive use of the content, highlighting the loss of the practice of critical thinking and creativity in the classroom, and a greater digital divide due to the price of electronic devices.
With this contest, the organizers want to know the real perception of professionals and new graphic artists, but always through the prism of humor, of course.

II- All professional and amateur artists of any nationality can participate.
III- Works that violate morality, are offensive, discriminate or promote hatred in any way will not be accepted.
IV- Works made in any form of graphic humor will be admitted: drawing, painting, photography, collage, etc. Works that have previously been awarded will not be allowed.
V- A maximum of two works per contestant will be accepted.
They must be sent to the email address: concursohumorsapiens@gmail.com.

VI- Only works with the following characteristics will be admitted:
a- Dimensions: A4 (21 x 29.7 cm).
b- Quality 300 dpi.
c- JPG format.
d- Maximum size: 5MB.

VII- Each work presented must be accompanied by a separate attachment, with the following information about the contestant:
-Full name.
-Postal address.
-Email address.
-Curriculum of less than 100 words.
VIII- The deadline for admission of works will end on September 10, 2024, at 12 midnight.
IX- The prizes to be awarded are the following:
A First, Second and Third Prize, plus the Honorable Mentions decided by the Jury



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