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The cartoon’s survival at the digital era-Mexico 2019

The cartoon’s survival at the digital era-Mexico 2019 Deadline: Aug. 1, 2019

Theme: The challenges of the cartoons and freedom of speech in the digital era

SUBJECT: Inkchallenge - OPEN CALL for exhibition “The cartoon’s survival at the digital era”

Cartónclub, the club of the Latin cartoon, invites you to participate in the Inkchallenge
“The cartoon’s survival at the digital era”

In a place where you can say everything and criticize everything it is difficult to dis- tinguish the real from the virtual, how should we direct ourselves? Does it benefit us or harm us? Are we more or less free to express our opinions? Can the excess of information be compared with the lack of it? And on the other hand, how to sur- vive in an era where attention is volatile and images are appreciated, but devalued by the market? How to face these challenges?


The call is open to all the cartoonists and illustrators of the world.

We will accept no more than 3 cartoons per participant. If you send a comic strip, it must have a maximum of 4 frames.

By submitting the work, you authorize the committee of the event for the publica-tion of your work in print and electronic media.

THEME: The challenges and panoramas of the cartoons and freedom of speech in the digital era, from a personal perspective or as a professional of visual communication. It can be in a positive or negative sense: how our way of com-municating have changed by the social networks, the openness, the exchange, the access to information and, on the other side, how the "opinioncracy", the "politically correct", censorship, false news and media harassment, have undermined freedom of expression.

The works will only be received electronically to the following emails:


ccp: contacto@cartonclub.com

along with the following information: Full name, artistic name or pseudonym, social networks and / or web page, high resolu-tion photograph and brief review (500 words maximum). TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF THE PROPOSAL: PDF, JPG, or TIFF format. Print size: 40 x 60 cm (the orientation of the drawing can be horizontal or vertical). Resolution of 300 dpi. Color mode: CMYK. 

VALIDITY: The deadline to submit your papers is August I st.

SELECTION PROCESS: Of the proposals received, a selection will be made by the selection board of Cartanclub to choose the proposals that will be part of the exhibition, they will be informed of the accepted proposals by August 5th and all the participants will receive a diploma of participation that will be sent by email.

EXHIBITION: The selected works will be part of an exhibition that will be inau-gurated during the Second International Encounter of Graphic Humor The Line of Fire on September 5th, 6th and 7th at the Tlatelolco University Cultural Center.


The exhibition will last until November 17th, 20 19. It is planned to promote the exhibition with institutions and allies to tour it in dif-ferents places in Mexico and / or abroad.

PUBLICATIONS: As part of the memory of the Second International Encounter The Line of Fire, an e-book will be made where the exhibition record will be kept and of all the selected, which will be made available to the general public on our websites for free download. 

EDITH LEIJA Editorial Director


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