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How find your ideas for your Cartoons?

How find your ideas for your Cartoons?

Suppose you are walking down the street and suddenly you see someone you have not seen in years. Seeing this person and talking to him or her brings to mind images of your memories and even conversations over the years, and you, with a friend you haven't seen in years, suddenly re-read all your lost images. This information and images have been in your mind, but until you see this friend, nothing will come to your mind. Now this can be done with words, why? Because the human mind creates images by reading each word and is compared to this image with the subject you have in mind, and because you are trying to create a cartoon, that is, you have a specific frame of mind, so these two images within this frame Thought creates a challenge together and it all happens in a matter of seconds, so words can be decoded quickly!

Keywords and methods:

By using words, you are subconsciously immersed in methods. Without even thinking about using them beforehand. Why does this happen? Because the mind is looking for a solution by comparing the words in your frame of mind, which is to create a cartoon, and quickly begins to use methods. Methods such as similarity, contradiction, comparison of small and large, order and disorder, surprise, displacement, etc. are all quickly examined in the mind. Of course, Ibn Rashid is such that the mind makes such adaptations, and we will find a definition for it later based on these adaptations.
In fact, whether you know it or not, your mind does.

Example :

Our subject is a book and the words we have are, for example, horse and carrot. I said two words that are less related. Now let's examine each one with a book. Books and Horses Well, when you use the word horse next to a book, your mind quickly tries to find a humorous connection between the two and examines the characteristics of the horse.
Among the thousands of video files archived in your mind of horses: horse racing, taming a horse, shooting a horse, a wounded horse, a horse in a cart, a Zorro horse, a horse, etc. Well, the first thing that comes to my mind Come on, he's a man who rides a wild book like a wild horse and wants to tame it! You see, a cartoon was created quickly. This is a method. Move the horse with the book! Well, let's look at the second word, book and carrot! A man who writes a book with a pen that looks like a carrot and all the sentences in the book are a picture of a rabbit! Either the little rabbits next to each other or the old rabbit who reads a book with a carrot shape on the cover to the baby rabbits, or a book that has the role of a carrot and is extracted by juicing it. You can quickly make dozens of cartoons. Because you are basically decoding with keywords.
Keywords get you into methods without knowing anything about methods!

Massoud Ziaei Zardkhashoui

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