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Cartoon in Modernity | Massoud Shojai

Cartoon in Modernity | Massoud Shojai

Cartoon design is one of the two-dimensional visual arts that is simply drawn on paper or digitally. The idea of creating a cartoon is based on a new way of telling and portraying stories. Initially, cartoons were added to the story to encourage children to read books, but later the age limit of the cartoon audience was broken and is now considered by audiences of all ages.

The caricature is generally known as a mix of different theme designs with an element of exaggeration and humor. In other words, caricature design is a fun and funny style.

But the cartoon is a fictional character designed for storytelling and entertainment. Cartoons of humans, animals, birds and everything else can be drawn. With the help of his imagination, the cartoonist can move the boundaries of reality as far as he can and create attractive and imaginative characters.

When designing a caricature of a face, a real person is usually chosen as the model of design, and the end result depends on the appearance of the model's face.

 The professional cartoonist, while exaggerating the design of the model, also maintains the caricature of the cartoon in a manner that is easily recognizable.

The caricature is created with the purpose of creating fun and sometimes ironic message.

Cartoons and caricatures are presented to audiences through various media, such as newspapers, magazines, illustrated books, websites and television. Cartoons are mostly used in comic books to illustrate a story, in contrast to caricatures to depict a social dilemma or in an article published about a celebrity.

Dr. Nicola Jennings, who works for reputable newspapers such as The Guardian Caricature, says: "Drawing a caricature has two parts; first, analyzing the fit of the model's face, and second, the dynamics and different states of the person's face. Exaggeration is not difficult to fit people's faces, but if you want a professional caricature you need to exaggerate that person's unique modes. The changes you make must be in line with the personality traits of the caricature theme.

On the other hand, comic-book cartoons in newspapers are no exception. Many of these cartoons range from showing social and political events to celebrity hot topics. So the cartoonist needs to think deeply about the subject he has chosen to portray so that he can convey the cartoon message in a more subtle way to the audience.

Massoud Shojai Tabatabai
Director of Iranian Website

January 2020 | Telugu humor toons magazine in India by Cheepuru Kiran Kumar



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