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winners | XXII International Biennial of Graphic Humor, Cuba, 2021

winners | XXII International Biennial of Graphic Humor, Cuba, 2021

On the other hand, the Tomy Prize , a laureate that pays tribute to the renowned cultist of political humor on the island, Tomás Sánchez, this time went to the Serbian artist Miroslav Jacovljev.

From  the Tomy Prize, Marcos Venicius , from Brazil , received a mention .

Humorous photography / Mentions

- Jia Ruijun , China

- Rafael de Jesús González Berna l, Cuba

Third prize: Williams Cruz Perdomo , Cuba.

Second prize: Osvaldo Gutiérrez Gómez (Osval) , Cuba.

Personal caricature /  Mentions:

- Martín Alejandro Falloca , Argentina. 

- Juan Camilo Lopera Arroyave (Júcalo), Colombia.

- Mariam Avramescu, Romania .

- Yoemnis Batista del Toro (Deltoro) , Cuba.

- Brady Izquierdo Rodríguez , Cuba.

Third prize: Víctor Vélez (Chubasco) , Mexico.

Second prize: Michel Moro Gómez , Cuba.

First prize: Omar Alberto Figueroa Turcio , Colombia-Spain. Due to the originality of its style, technical excellence, and the ability to deform with absolute freedom without losing the similarity with the caricatured character.

Third prize:  -Vladimir Kazanevsky, Ukraine.

Second prize: Manuel Arriaga , Spain.

First prize: Michel Moro Gómez , Cuba. For an original cartoon with a surreal cut and impeccable workmanship.


General humor / Mentions:

- Dariush Mehrdalan , Iran.

- Osvaldo Gutiérrez Gómez (Osval) , Cuba.

- Ismael Lema Águila , Cuba.

- Reynaldo Hernández Valera , Cuba.

Third prize: Igor Vartchenko (Ivar), Cyprus.

Second prize: Valery Momot , Ukraine.


First prize: Michel Moro Gómez , Cuba. For an image of a beautiful idea and excellent invoice that summarizes the situation of isolation of human beings, their families and the whole of society in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Political satire / Mentions:

- Oleksiy Kustovsky , Ukraine.

- Kursat Zaman , Turkey.

- Ricardo Bermúdez Rodríguez , Cuba.

Third prize: Bahram Arjomandnia , Iran.

Second prize: Vladimir Kazanevsky , Ukraine

First prize: Raúl Fernando Zuleta , Colombia. For a drawing that clearly shows the way in which all human beings are threatened by the pandemic that strikes us and that does not distinguish between professions, social status, or individualisms.

The team of evaluators, chaired by the renowned graphic cartoonist Arístides Hernández (Ares), was made up of Lizza Donnelly (United States), Isel Chacón (Cuba), María Sao (Cuba), Massoud Shojai (Iran), Iván Lira (Venezuela) and Luis Reinier Enrique (Cuba).

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