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Winners of Yilmaz Guney cartoon contest-Turkey 2020

Winners of Yilmaz Guney cartoon contest-Turkey 2020

Within the scope of the 3rd Yılmaz Güney Culture and Art Festival; The 3rd International Cartoon Competition on 'Cinema and Immigrants', supported by Güney Filmmaking and organized by Dersim Municipality and Yüz Çiçek Açını Kültür Merkezi, has been concluded.

    It would be more appropriate to read this competition, which was attended by 356 works by 138 artists from 33 countries, not as a contest but as a salute to Yılmaz Güney's revolutionary, socialist and realistic cinema.

    Cartoon artist Elena Ospina (Colombia), Erhan Yasar Paternity (Turkey), Ismail Red Dogan (Belgium), Mihai Ignat (Romania), Altan Özeskic (Turkey) and Askin Ayrancioglu (Turkey) winning awards in the evaluation made by the artifacts are identified as follows:

Yılmaz Güney Honor Awards:

Oleksy Kustovsky-Ukraine

Jitet Kustana-Indonesia

Muammer Olcay-Turkey

Hasan Ceylan-Turkey

Doru Axinte-Romania

Yılmaz Güney Culture and Art Festival Special Award:

Halit Freed-aytoslu of Turkey

Selection Committee Special Award

Mojmir Mihatov-Croatia

Yılmaz Güney Freedom Awards

Haydar Bayar-Turkey

(Tekirdağ F-Type Prison No. 1)

Believe Peace-Turkey

(Kocaeli Type 2 F Type Prison)

Young Illustrator Award

Rock Beren-Turkey

    We would like to thank all the artists who made Yılmaz Güney Culture and Art Festival more meaningful and qualified with their beautiful works and our artist friends who took part in the selective committee evaluating the works. Hoping to see new events that will combine the striking of Yılmaz Güney cinema with the striking of cartoon…


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