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Finalists | 2nd International Organ Donation Cartoon Contest

Finalists | 2nd International Organ Donation Cartoon Contest



Attention For Cartoonists,

The Internationally respected juries of 2nd International Organ Donation Cartoon Competition evaluated 126 finalist cartoons. The order of the cartoons at the below is random. They are not ranked by the votes of international jury.

Our International Juries carefully voted for the selection of original and creative cartoons. However, it is a situation encountered in International Cartoon Competitions that some of the cartoons awarded in cartoon competitions are stolen, imitated or very similar. Due to the concern of our competition being fair, original and transparent, if there are similar or duplicate works among the 126 cartoons at the below, please send the relevant cartoon and Id number and the cartoon that you think is a copy or imitation to cartoon@tonv.org.tr

These cartoons can be viewed online between 5-7 November. If any cartoons are documented to be plagiarized or similar or previously awarded in another competition (with the date of publication), the relevant cartoon will be canceled with the approval of the Advisory Board of the competition. Objections after this specified date will not be considered. Award-winning cartoons and the first 100 cartoons will be published on our website on 12 November 2021.

Note: The last 5 cartoons of 120 works and 6 extra cartoons received the same score as a result of the voting by the jury. For this reason, 6 more cartoons were included along with 120 cartoons.

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