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Visual Art Magazine has been published

Visual Art Magazine has been published

The real art is in harmony with human's nature and truth. In fact, art is the flourishing of truth, and it is the artist's ability to express this truth that matter.

Committed art is free from biased thoughts, and at the same time it is a mirror for reflecting the image of social commitment. As human existence is formed with commitment, the artist must take human’s suffering into consideration; a kind of suffering that is the source of all beauty and is the standard of humanity. For an artist who perceives no suffering in his or her life, there would be no obligation to the history and the cultural identity of his time.

Avini, the martyr in Holy Defense, says: "Freedom means being free from all dependencies except the truth which is the very essence of man. This is where the man's existence makes sense, and therefore man's freedom and authority is his duty to the truth. Freedom is not having right to be lax and free from all obligations. We can say that art and literature have the same obligations."

The artist thinks responsibly, and our contemporary artist never falls into the trap of art for the mere art born, which is the production of technology, and the art of gentlefolks. Choosing such an insight, the artist will create a kind of boundary with art.

After the above mentioned issues, we should announce that the Visual Art Magazine is in line with the discourse of revolutionary art and has a message to history that must be recorded. A nation that has no image is easily destroyed, and if we cannot present a correct image of ourselves, others will present their desired image of us.

The magazine will be published in the form of a quarterly and for free.

 If you are interested to publish your artworks in our magazine, please contact us via email:


or 09888808103

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