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Saint-Just-le-Martel capital of press design

Saint-Just-le-Martel capital of press design

Far away from major tourist routes, great summer destinations, Saint-Just-le-Martel is a surprisingly creative village, singularly different, a village where, in autumn, we hear English and Russian, Chinese and Turkish, Spanish and Korean, a village where, in all languages, one draws, one smiles and one laughs, where one rethinks the world by the caricature, the humor and the drawing of press.

Every year for more than thirty years, the "funny mines", cartoonists and cartoonists from all over the world are crowding in Saint-Just-le-Martel, in the heart of Limousin, about ten kilometers from Limoges. 

In an accomplice population, thousands of visitors, they celebrate the graphic humor, "tender" or "cow", talent, lucidity and impertinence intimately mixed. 

They inaugurated a very exceptional equipment, the permanent International Center for caricature, press drawing and humor ... Who would have thought that such a unique equipment in Europe, would be built a day outside Paris, in a small limousine town of 2,500 inhabitants?

A show of incredible richness, mixing contemporary and retrospective drawings, collective exhibitions and singular discoveries. Nearly 200 cartoonists from around the world, confirmed cartoonists and future pencil stars will come to meet, talk about their craft, draw for a large audience and always faithful.

New impetus for new projects, new enthusiasms, and new successes. In the cultural field, one day, Saint-Just-le-Martel was able to innovate, really "dared the difference". Since then, he has not finished surprising! And he intends to continue ... a long time! 

Americans, Russians, Mexicans, Colombians, Koreans, Indians, Europeans ... from all over the world, the funny mines come to Saint-Just!


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