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Exaggeration lets the cartoon to be seen more

Exaggeration lets the cartoon to be seen more

Marian Kamensky, a famous Danish cartoonist has selected the new version of Corona Virus “OMEGA” as a subject of her cartoon which is published in Swedish magazine “Nebelspalter”.

Amir Mansour Rahimiyan has analyzed it:


"In the last days of 2021 and the beginning of the New Year, Corona, this stubborn disease, has evinced a new variant, which has confused virologists, they are not sure that previous vaccines can cure the new variant. It seems the fear in Marian Kamensky’s work should be taken seriously.

First, we should pay attention to the idea, and ask ourselves that ‘does it need to be so honest and show the subject in such a horrible way?’ maybe we need more explicitness and preciseness in drawing. In another word, sometimes the subject is something that one cannot neglect it or make it less painful through humor, but in some cases the cartoonist can use humor to lessen the bitterness of the event.

But in this case Kamensky has given us the answer in her work. Her work that gives you an unpleasant feeling of fear. This reaction has root in people’s mental imagination and feelings about Corona Virus. The scary imagine that reminds them that they have been dealing with this unfortunate disease for two years, lost their loved ones and abstained from any social relationship, and they may have to spend a few more years in such a situation. The humor that Kamensky has used in the present work is a black and painful humor or comedy. She has used the image of medical staff as scientists at the forefront of defense who defeated Delta variation, at the same time, OMEGA variation taps him on the shoulder, with its mouth watering and blue color. The smoky atmosphere tells us about the upcoming bad event.

It seems that human being sufferings will be more and more. Our planet is like an old man that just need to breathe and nothing is left for giving. Kamensky also take more points into consideration; the Delta variant outbroke in Europe and OMEGA in Africa, that is why she colored them green, and black. 

She has set the elements in horizontal form, from bigger to the smaller one. It also refers to our species, Homo sapiens, has now spread to all parts of the world but it's generally believed that we originated in Africa. She anticipates the OMEGA will be the same, of course it won’t be as horrible as she has drawn. Cartoonist mostly use exaggeration as a common technique. 







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