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Interview with Mahmoud Nazari, a football coach

Interview with Mahmoud Nazari, a football coach

Interview with Mahmoud Nazari, a football coach

Born in Hamedan, and graduated from university in graphic field. But he also works in the fields of cartoon, animation. In his resume’ one can see cooperation with journals, participation in festivals, receiving more than 130 national and international awards and being judge of more than 20 national and international festivals. He has made several award-winning animations. He has got a football coaching degree last month. Read the interview beneath:

What was your first cartoon?

It was about thirty years ago. There was a crushed ping pong ball, and a chick came out of the ball.

When was your first work published?

I guess was published in “Hegmataneh” weekly magazine in 1997.

The special prize of International olive Cartoon contest, 2019 Cyprus

What was your dream when you were a child?

To grew up.

 And what do you wish now?

To go back to childhood.

What was your first prize?

The special prize of the 6th international biennial cartoon of Tehran, 2003

And the last prize?

The special prize of International olive Cartoon contest, 2019 Cyprus

Awarded the ninth biennial of China's "Jazzing" cartoon biennial, entitled: Smart City

what are you working on now?

I try to find a good idea for “Trump” caricature.

Do you draw cartoons digitally or traditionally?

Both. Depending on time and subject.

Which medium do you use?

Ecoline and photoshop software.

What is your best cartoon?

The one which received awards including: Aydin Dogan, 3rd Canadian Prize, 3rd prize of South Korea Taejon, and 2nd prize of Iranian youth contest, and several other awards.

Silver Award from the 16th FCW China International Festival

Can cartoon and caricature be taught?

Yes, I tried it and it had acceptable results.

Is the idea important to you or the technique?

I prefer idea as a judge, but I focus more on performance as an artist.

How do you come up with an idea?

By focusing on the subject and engaging my mind for all a day.

What is the most characteristic of your artworks?

They are funny and comical.

Bronze Award of South Korea's Taijon International Cartoon Festival

Is drawing cartoon your only occupation?

I prefer cartoon, but I create illustration and write for animations too.

How much time does an artwork take?

It depends on subject, techniques: digital or traditional.  Traditional one takes 3 or 4 days.

Does it depend on form too?

 Yes. Simple or complex one.

Who is the best foreign caricaturist in your opinion?

 With respect to kozobokin, Quino is the best.

Special Jury Prize of the 9th Turhan Selçuk International Cartoon Festival in Turkey;

Who are the best Iranian cartoonists?

All of them.

The best movies?

“life imprisonment and a day more”, and “Papion” by Franklin J. Schaffner.

Who are the best foreign and Iranian actors or actress in your opinion?

Parviz Parastoyee, Reza Kianian, and Shahab Hosseini, Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman.

What is the best book you've ever read?

“Animal Farm” by George Orwell.

Special Award from the Second International Safe Society Cartoon Festival / Mashhad

With whom you are in touch more?

My fellow-citizen and a group named “uncartoosists

What do you think about Iran Cartoon site?

It is the first site for cartoon reference that has been much improved and changed. And in spite of the change it has made, the green color is kept in my mind.

Thanks a lot.

Special Award of the 9th Bojnourd Cartoon Festival on the theme of "Halal Day"

First place in the cartoon section of the Automotive Festival, Tehran 

Winner of Tribute to International End of ISIL Festival

First place in the cartoon section of the Automotive Festival, Tehran 

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